Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Blogger #3 - Amy from The Needled Fig

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Welcome to day 4 of Tula Pink Month. Today's guest blogger is Amy Singleton of The Needled Fig. I first met Amy thru twitter, then we found out we live in the same area so we met at a Starbucks where she taught me how to embroider. Can you just see the 2 of us sewing in Starbucks? Last time we met she showed me a teeny tiny sweater she knitted with what looked like large toothpicks. Needless to say anything she does is wonderful.

Hi! I’m Amy from The Needled Fig. A little about me? Well, I'm funny sometimes and love snuggling just about every animal I meet. I’m a knitter, sewer, crocheter, embroiderer and relatively harmless crazy person! Overall, not a bad sort to be associated with. I’m so excited to have been invited to join y’all on Craizee Corners today!

So I am a relative newcomer to Tula Pink’s designs and I have to say, I’m totally sold – hook, line and sinker. Usually I really like a couple of patterns from any particular fabric line and just get those because in my head, life is way too short for fabric you just aren’t completely in love with. And then I met Tula’s Prince Charming. I might have immediately run out and bought a fat quarter stack of the ENTIRE line. I don’t do that kind of thing. Big hint: when I say “might have” I really mean “did”. Haha!

But rather than let it sit there and marinate in my stash for a really long time like a lot of other fabric I own, I felt compelled to cut into it right away.  Enter the Doll Quilt Swap on Flickr. I got to talking with some friends on twitter and was encouraged to join the swap because they thought I would have a lot of fun with it. So I did. (I’m a total sucker when under peer pressure.) I’m in Round 11 and I keep seeing all of these AMAZING mini quilts popping up and I feel SO intimidated because I still consider myself to be a beginning quilter.

After trying out a few failed quilt blocks (one block muddied the colors in the fabric and another just was WAY too hard to try and down size) I was starting to get frustrated and beginning to feel like I was not going to find anything and I’d fall behind on my quilt and I wouldn’t get it sent out in time and I was really starting to snowball. Enter the Churn Dash block.

Now admittedly, even though I loooved the Churn Dash, I totally still had the occasional hiccup while piecing them.

But, after powering through and a little seam ripping from time to time, I ended up with these beauties.

I really whizzed through this mini quilt too. It has taken me a whopping two days to piece all the blocks, sew the blocks together sew a backing and then get the whole thing, wait for it…. QUILTED.

So all I have left really is burying some threads, attaching the binding and sending this sweet little quilt through the wash! So if you’d like to check back in on my blog in a couple of days, I’ll have pictures of the WHOLE finished thing! Want a little secret before I go?? I’m super excited about the binding!
Thanks SO much for having me on your blog Sharon! I really enjoyed it!!

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  1. She hugs every animal she see, sounds like my son!! he,he! How fun to meet a fellow blogger in person Sha:)

    She sounds like a real hoot!!


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