Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have some scraps up for grabs! Todays scraps are from Lily and Will. I made 2 quilts with this fabric and the scraps have to find a new home. There's over 1.5 yards of yardage (1 yard of one, 1/2 yard of another and a few inches of another), 20 jelly roll strips and some other scraps. If you want to have this all you need to do is cover the postage, I'll even take a charm pack as a trade. I hope someone could use this fabric.


  1. I would love to have the fabric if it isn't already called for. I have several charm packs that you might be interested in.

  2. Oh shoot, too late and I was wishing for those colors. Next time maybe.

  3. If you aren't interested in some of the charm packs Sharon, let me know okay, I am possibly


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