Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guest Blogger #6 - Katherine from Honeyhill Designs

If you are looking for the giveaway you can find it here.

Today's guest blogger is Katherine of Honey Hill Designs. Katherine happens to be my neighbor...well sort of...she lives not too far from me. We met last week for brunch and had a ball! We talked and talked and talked then went to the Cabbage Rose for some retail therapy. It's funny, when we went shopping our tastes in fabric were so different, but one things we both loved was Tula Pink fabric. Make sure to read to the bottom and check out her Tula Pink giveaway, she has a real treat for you! Here'sssssssss Katherine.
I am a quilter who is wild about modern & vintage anything! I try not to box myself in when it comes to creating, I just create what I love. I started my blog this year as a way to document my work and meet new friends. My perfect day; hugs, laughter, sewing, puppies, loud music, tattoos, and JESUS!

I am thrilled that my buddie, Sha, has invited me to share with you today!  When she told me about the her new Designer of the Month series that she is doing with the Fat Quarter Shop, I was excited to learn that Tula Pink would be the first featured designer. Poor Sha opened a can of worms with that conversation! :)

ME: TULA PINK, really? You mean the Tula Pink that I adore?!?! The one who designs fabrics that are magical, whimsical, and fun?!?! The one who is witty and personable? The one who calls her fabric fans "Tula Troops"? The one that recently released the Prince Charming line that I can't stop looking at? The one that somehow speaks to my heart with her hidden design treasures?
SHA: *with a stunned look on her face* Yes, that's the one.
ME: Oh, I love Tula Pink...I think Sha rolled her eyes at me. :)

All kidding aside, when I first saw the Prince Charming line it took my breath away.  I could somehow relate to these designs in a way I've never related to fabric before.  I didn't just love the colors and the graphics, it seemed to tell me a story.  I look at it and I'm taken back to my childhood dreams, taken back to a time when life was full of wonder and expectation. Tula has always given us hidden treasures in her designs, but Prince Charming was somehow different for me.  Those hidden treasures leaped right off the fabric and into my heart.

I knew this new line would be part of my fabric collection, possibly forever, so I did what any smart girl would do.  I purchased my fat quarter bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop the day it was available. Imagine my surprise when I received it the very next day!!  I hobbled to the front door, as I was still recovering from surgery at that time, and ripped open my package like a fat girl rips open a candy bar!!!  Let's just say, I looked a little crazy for a moment, but  I was also a little star struck.  How in the world would I ever be able to cut those precious babies up? Not happening in my lifetime.

Enter Sha and her guest blogger series!  Inviting me to join her series gave me the push I needed to actually use my stash of Prince Charming.  I whipped up this cute little pin cushion caddy using a pattern by Abbey Lane Quilts.  It was super easy to put together and it only took me a few hours to complete.

I love it so much I decided to do a giveaway. Yep, my very first giveaway!  To sweeten the deal I will be giving away 3 prizes; my pincushion caddy, my Tula Pink Prince Charming scraps, and a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop
Entering is easy:
NOTE - You must enter on the Katherines Honeyhill web site, entries on this post will not be entered. But I woudl love to know if you entered her giveaway :)
1. Follow my blog and leave me a comment
2. Like my Facebook page and leave me a comment
3. Follow me on twitter and retweet to your followers!/KakiofHoneyhill
The contest will end at 5pm on 9-5, with winners announced shortly thereafter after.

So, I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  I love Tula's designs so much that I will now have one with me forever...

Yep, that's Tula's Turtle Bay design on my back! The first time I saw it I know it would be my next tattoo.  It reminds me to always me childlike in Spirit, no matter how old or jaded I become.
Now, who wants free stuff??? GO ENTER TO WIN!!! :)
Be creative and be blessed,

Thanks Katherine for sharing your Tula Pink happiness with us. That tattoo is very cool! And what a great treat for a follower.

Come back tomorrow for more Tula Pink fun!
And remember to enter the great giveaway

Sha :)


  1. I love your tattoo!!! I have three small ones, no large ones yet!
    I would love to win your giveaway and am becoming a follower, gotta win that GoBaby quilter.

  2. I will be back, but could not find your follower button??

  3. Thanks for the info, I came back refreshed twice and the button was there! lol

  4. My first entry, I am a follower on your blog.

  5. I went and did LIKE on your facebook page. I have not entered the world of Twitter yet, so I get two entries.

  6. I now follow her blog with Google Reader and left her a comment. :)

  7. I like Honeyhill Designs on FB and left a note on the wall.

  8. I'm now following Honeyhill Designs on Twitter, and Tweeted:!/birdie00000/status/106745374416453632

  9. I absolutely LOVE that sweet scrap and pincushion combination!!! The fabrics are wonderful.

    I am your newest follower.



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