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Guest Blogger #1 - Welcome Vanessa from Green2Grey

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Welcome to day 2 of Craizee Corners Tula Pink Celebration. Today Vanessa from Green2Grey is the guest blogger. I recently 'met' Vanessa on twitter when I was asking for guest bloggers for this series. She is a big Tula Pink fan and the perfect kick off of the guest blogger series. Be sure to check out her blog green2grey.blogspot.com 
Take it away Vanessa!

Hello! I am Vanessa Keck.  I am first and foremost a Navy Wife and mother of 2 toddlers who uses quilting to stay sane and grounded.  I have been a lifelong student of art and architecture, and I enjoy fabrics and textiles as mediums for artistic expression.

Howdy, Campers!  I am thrilled and honored to be guest blogging here on Craizee Corners.  Thanks for having me!

I have the privilege of blogging about Tula Pink and her work today.  If any of you aren't already familiar with her work, you can check it out at her website: www.tulapink.com.
My most recent projects have centered around her Prince Charming and Parisville lines. Both lines give me a strong sense of fairy tales, like they are telling stories.  Prince Charming tells of frog princes, carefree princesses, and whimsical adventure.  I chose to modify a pattern by Kaffe Fasset which utilizes different sized squares.  Given the huge variation in print sizes in the Prince Charming line, the variation in square size would best show off each individual print.  I used 1 each of the 4 colorway fat quarter bundles arranging the prints to create a random, yet balanced look.

The Frog Prince is the face of the line, so I gave him a position of prominence throughout the quilt.  However, I felt like the heart-and-soul of the line came from the Turtle Bay print, so those pieces were used to frame in the rest. 

Parisville, by contrast, takes me into a Parisian parlor boldly decorated, as if by Baz Luhrmann.  Many of the prints in this line fall into a rough diamond shape, so it felt like a natural progression to use a diamond pattern.  Unlike the Prince Charming quilt, I am using diamonds of one size, framed in with a contrasting print - another modified Kaffe Fasset pattern. 

I am currently working on my Parisville quilt, so I'm sorry to say I don't have any finished pictures for you yet.  I will be posting them on my blog, ,  just as soon as I finish. 
Tula Pink's work, in my opinion, is teeming with life.  Joyful.  Imaginative. There isn’t a single textile in all of her 8 publicly-released collections that doesn’t bring an instant smile to my face.  I get downright giddy looking through these fabrics.  Off-beat color combinations and animal-inspired graphics mixed with traditional toile and damask motifs make her work modern and truly one-of-a-kind.  It is clear that Tula Pink draws on her strengths and interests, building each new collection off of previous ones, yet each collection feels surprisingly individual and new.
Warning: Shameless Plug!

If Tula Pink's textiles inspire you like they do me, come on over to tulatroops.blogspot.com and join the Tula Pink fan site.  We're in the beginning stages, but we're hoping to create a place where we TulaTroops can share ideas, opinions, hot tips on internet sales, giveaways, etc.  We're also going to launch a TulaTroop T-Shirt Design Contest soon!  Come on over!

Thanks Vanessa for sharing your thoughts and work with Tula Pink fabric!
Come back tomorrow for more Tula Pink fun!
And remember to enter the great giveaway here.http://craizeecorner.blogspot.com/2011/08/tula-pink-month-and-giveaway.html

Sha :)


  1. Great guest you are Vanessa and thanks for sharing a bit of yourself and your passion with us!

  2. Yay, Vanessa!! Love your quilts almost as much as I <3 you!! :)


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