2010 Quilts Finished

Although I took a beginning quilt class in March 2010, I don't think of myself as a quilter back then. I had a machine that just wouldn't work and had so many problems with even sewing a straight line. As a matter of fact I only tried to quilt between March and June 2010. Then I gave up altogether. One day in March 2011 I decided to stop into The Berry Patch, a local quilting store right by my house that I had never been to. I was trying to fill some time between meeting a friend for lunch and this seemed a harmless thing to do. Boy was I wrong :)

Once I stepped in my quilting life began. The ladies were so helpful and really encouraged me to try quilting again. I signed up for a pin cushion class that they promised me was very easy. I met so many nice people there in the class that when they told me about a weekend event they were having in a few weeks I decided to go. Boy was in over my head there. I had learned to spin a bobbin and put it in my machine, but I was pretty much a mess still. But I kept on trying to make the project they showed me. I was getting frustrated, but the ladies there were so nice and encouraging which kept me from crying (seriously).

Then something wonderful happened. My machine broke...totally 100% stopped working. Of course they let me borrow a machine...a Bernina 330. I texted Tim and said that my machine broke and he texted back "Sucks to be you"...can you imagine? In his defense I knew he was joking, it's just the way we are. A few texts back and forth later and we had a time to meet with the manager of the store at the end of the event on Sunday evening. I picked out a very basic machine before Tim arrived and had all my ducks in a row. They gave me an incredible deal so I walked out with a brand new (well slightly used) Bernina 210.

That's when I really became a quilter and got hooked on it. The day after I bought it I went to a class and couldn't even find the reverse button, but soon enough I learned all the ins and outs and became a quilting fool.

Here are a few quilts I made in 2010 before I quit. Please don't look too closely.  There are quite a few problems with them, but I guess they are just as cozy as ones I make now.

Sailboat quilt for my Dad
Finished June 2010
Fabric - Nice and Nautical

Spring Fling Tossed 9 Patch
Finished June 2010
Fabric - Spring fling by Me and My Sister
Pattern - Tossed 9 Patch by Eleanor Burns

Red Corners finished May 2010 - This was my first 'quilt'
I was so new that I don't even know the fabric line this is from. I used a bit of yardage and a charm pack.
I also do not know the name of the pattern.
If anyone knows the fabric line of the pattern please let me know.

Tossed 9 Patch Wall hanging
Completed March 2010
This is the quilt I learned to quilt with. I took at class at a local quilt store. I had a machine that hardly worked and that I knew nothing about working. I didn't even know how to wind a bobbin. I am just lucky the teacher had patience with me and didn't kick me out.
The pattern is Tossed 9 Patch by Eleanor Burns.
And its still hanging in my hallway as a reminder to show me how far I have come in quilting.