Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A commentary that needs to be read

I don't usually link to these type of things, but I feel strongly about this. 

It was written by my friend Lisa who blogs at A Woman A Day.

A little background...
A woman posted all about her labor of love in several facebook groups. She decided that she would make 62 dresses by her 62nd birthday, which was this week. They were for Little Dresses for Africa. There were several people who did not like the fact that she did this for people in another country and made it known (FYI those comments have been taken down). My feeling is that this woman worked so very hard and gave many hours of her time and lots of money in fabric, she did a wonderful selfless thing and shame on anyone who said something derogatory. Why anyone in  the quilting community would fault her for that is beyond me. 

Here's a link to the blog post about this. Please check it out...its something everyone in all walks of life need to hear.  

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  1. That is irritating! The children in Africa do not have the kind of help they can get here in America. Most children in America would not want to wear the simple dresses that the African girls are thrilled to get. One person cannot contribute to every charity group there is, which is why each person should help where they feel like the Lord would want them to help. I have a friend who helps gets blankets to the homeless in America and I'm sure that the 62 year would not condemn her for not helping the African girls. God has different gifts, talents, causes for each person and nobody should ever criticize someone else for doing what God has called them to do. I hope that came out right. :)


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