Friday, July 8, 2011

What to do with leftovers from a quilt...recycle them

This idea has been brewing in my brain for a while and I am finally ready to reveal it. I don't know about you, but I always have some left over fabric after I make a quilt. Especially if I used fabric I purchased a while ago, before I had a quilt in mind for it. While I love scraps, I find that there comes a point when I have too many scraps from a certain line of fabric, too much but not enough to make another quilt. So I was thinking, why not send the scraps to a friend who is making a quilt with that fabric line? That's where my inspiration for this kind of swap/group came into play.  

Basically group members would post a pic or description of fabric they have left over from a past project and maybe even post of pic of what they made with the fabric. For instance I have leftover Frolic and Spirit fabric that I will not be using anymore. I would be happy to send them to someone that would use it in a project. You could choose to just send the fabric along with best wishes or trade it for something else, it is totally up to the traders. I traded some Sunkissed with QuiltDad a few months ago for some FQs that he was looking for, anything that the traders come up with is good. Then when you make something with the fabric you could post what you made for all of us to ooh and ahhhh over. What do you think? If 4 or 5 of my followers joined we could have a nice group going.

Let me know if you would be interested in this and I will get the ball rolling. Also if there's any questions just post here.

And remember just 3 more followers (I know there are more RRS followers, but I need to see 100 followers on the follow me list) and I will giveaway the cute charm packs!

Sha :)


  1. I'm game... I'm in Canada though so I might be somewhat inconvenient due to the border and higher shipping costs.

  2. Sure I am happy to indulge in this!!

  3. I would love to share my scraps with someone who could use them.

  4. What a fabulous idea! Especially for those older prints.

  5. Count me in! I know we've talked about this but figured I'd make it official by commenting. Lol


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