Tuesday, July 19, 2011

United Forever Double Block of the Month

The first Saturday of each month is a fun day at The Berry Patch in Fort Worth. That's when the United Forever Double Block of the Month Club meets. We are doing blocks from the civil war era using 2 of Kaye England's books; United Forever and A Civil War Legacy.

Today I decided to work on the first block. It's the Harriet Beecher Stowe block. As you may know she wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin and guess what? There's a cabin in the center of the block! This was by and far the most intricate and hardest block I have made to date, it took over 3 hours but was well worth the effort.

I decided that I was going to do this BOTM in different fabric than civil war reproductions. Our directions were to pick 2.5 yards of a focus fabric and get FQs along the way. I choose a bright pink with white and black flowers as my focus fabric. The FQs I have are all black, white and gray. I want this to be kinda funky and fun and I think my fabric choices reflect that (so far).

Here's my finished block. It measures 12.5" square, which excites me more than anything :)

Have you tried any civil war era blocks yet? I still have to do the Ohio Cluster block, but that will have to wait till another day, I am worn out from this one block.

Sha :)


  1. It is perfect! And I love your color choices!

  2. beautiful...and I like your fabric choices, too.

  3. Wonderful block! Love the colors :)

  4. Very nice block + fabric. That looks like three hours well spent:)

  5. I just love this, simply gorgeous...

  6. It looks wonderful! I really like the colors.


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