Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project Linus

Jan Dicinto of Daisy Janie sent me and nine others 8 charm squares from her Geo line. My challenge was to make a block using only those 8 charms. Then she will put together all the blocks and make a cute quilt for Project Linus. I was inspired by the L in Linus  so here's what I came up with.

Then I started thinking how making a Project Linus quilt of 'L's would be really nice. Since I didn't take pics for a tutorial when I was making the block with Daisy Janie material and don't have any left I made 1 with scraps of Sunkissed that I had.

Here's what you will need:
Yellow solid - 1½” x 5” and 1¾ x 1½”
White solid - 1¾” x 4” and two 1½” x 5”
Gray print - two 1½” x 5” and two 1½” x 6¾”
Yellow print - two 1½” x 6¾” and two 1½” x 8¾”
1. Sew the White 1¾” x 4” to the yellow 1¾ x 1½” and then sew that piece to the right side of the yellow 1½” x 5”  
2. Sew a white 1½” x 5” to the right and left side of the L piece.

3. Sew a gray 1½” x 5” to the right and left side then sew a 1½” x 6¾” to the top and bottom.
4. Sew a yellow 1½” x 6¾” to the right and left side then sew a 1½” x 8¾” to the top and bottom.

There you go! What a perfect way to honor Project Linus with an L shaped block.
I hope you like this tutorial, if you do leave me a comment (I love comments).

Sha :)


  1. Very Very cute! I particularly like the "L" blocks! hehe

  2. I like the L block you made with the sun kiss fabric. The other fabric is to busy for me or it could be because I have a headache right now so I will have to come back for another look later...oh well! I also like the idea of everyone making a block and putting them together for a project Linus blanket. Have a great day!

  3. Cute blocks,you did a TERRIFIC job Sha:):):)

  4. Love the L blocks! Perfect for the Linus Quilts.


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