Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Goals

Since returning home, I have been having trouble finding my quilting mojo and want it back! With the craizeeness of who I am, to do lists have always been helpful. So here's my to do list for July:

1. Every weekday make 8 pieces for the central park quilt I am making. Here's a sample of what they look like: (When I say 8 pieces, I mean enough to make 2 of these blocks)

2. Catch up on the Farmers Wife Sampler QAL (I need 7 more to catch up) and then make 2 blocks per week.
3. Make 2 civil war blocks this month. This is from a Double Block of the month club at The Berry Patch. While the blocks are traditional, I am using modern fabric in black, white, gray and pink.
4. Make 25 trees for the Misfit Quilters Swap. This is a great group of quilters who found each other on twitter and are swapping with each other. Last month we swapped doll quilts (pictured below) and this month we are swapping trees  to make our own forest of Christmas trees.

4. On Sunday do the Christmas QAL with Charlie from Qubee Quilts. I am using How the Grinch Stole Christmas fabric for this QAL, it is my Hubby's favorite Christmas show from when he was growing up. My July goal is to totally finish the quilt not just the top. 
5. Make the 3rd quilt of the Online Quilting Book Club. We are still using the Modern Basics book by Amy Ellis. It's a wonderful book with easy to follow patterns that make these quilts fun to make. I just joined the Designer Select FQ Club at the Fat Quarter Shop and have the two sets I missed being shipped to me. I think I will use Tula Pinks Prince Charming for this quilt, what do you think?
6. Make 5 yoyo's every weekday for a table topper in my dining room. The one I have now has a stain on it that magically appeared while I was in NY, hmmm its very mysterious :)

Well That's my July goal list. What's on yours? We can help keep each other accountable.

Sha :)


  1. I should make a list but I am afraid to see how long it would be. All your projects sound exciting and I can't wait for the updates. Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. Holy Moley that's quite the list! I have 3 quilt tops I'd like to see quilted, and should get something together for our 1-patch challenge for my irl guild, and need to do a whole-heck-of-a-lot for my new website. But I only have 2 weeks left as we are on holidays the last week, and I have my day job to work around ...... I am completely in awe!

  3. Central Park!

    Love the pinwheel!!

  4. Hi. Nice to chat w you during the #talknt on Twitter. I think i did lots on your blog today. I am a follower now. I like the charm pack giveaway. Fun! The border book is great! Well i mean from what you said and i am heading to amazon to check it out. Sorry about your MIL. Hope your days get better.

    I like your WIP list. Sounds fun!


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