Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome Cara of Cara Quilts to Sweetwater week!

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Today's guest blogger is Cara from Cara Quilts. I met Cara when I stumbled into a quilting tweet chat room on a Tuesday in the spring. And it has since become one of my favorite quilty things to do on twitter. It's called Talkin' Tuesday and is from 9 - 11 pm EST, it's also known as #talknt on twitter. We chat about all things quilting by answering questions, which always leads to some fun side discussions. Why not join us tonight?

When it comes to fabric contemporary quilters are a spoiled bunch. We have so many choices, and new fabric and designers are coming out all the time. One of my top 3 favorites are the gals at Sweetwater.

When it comes to fun, comforting, and chic Sweetwater has it all. Their lines are always different, even the tone is different, but each line has instantly, and continued to be, a favorite for me.

I have used each line and every time I think I want to keep this!

Each line has at least one print with inspirational words that really spoke to me, and I’ve continued to love them and look to them. I also adore using them for anyone I love because they can look at those prints and remember all the good things in life.

The colours are all so clear and strong, without being overpowering, and I really love both the blues and greys they keeping coming  out with. The greys are so wonderful for bringing everything together.

When I told my husband I was writing a post about Sweetwater his first question was “who?” but when I started through the list of projects I’d used their fabrics for he responded “oh I guess I like them too because I like all of those ones!”

I think one of my favorite things about Sweetwater fabrics is the versatility. They work with pretty much every pattern, and work well both for men and women, kids or adults.

How much do I use Sweetwater?
I’ve made carry bags from Authentic, and I get the most comments on these then any of the other fabric bags I’ve made.

Well here’s my main notebook, and it does Make Life…easier! Always have a notebook going to write down new ideas, measurements, improvements and all those things that DON’T end up working in the end, and those that did.

My favorite shape to use when I really want to show off a line is the tumblers…

This is my own quilted wrap, a free pattern available on Moda Bake Shop http://www.modabakeshop.com/2010/08/pure-comfort.html#more , and I’ve made 4-5 more with the line for other people.
I may have stashed all this Pure for future projects, one for me and one just because I know it will be absolutely perfect for someone someday in the future.

This is a pattern I made that never got written out, but hopefully still will one day soon.

There may be an immense amount of Sunkissed hiding in this box but we won’t tell my husband that.
One of my patterns, available at Fat Quarter Shop, it's called Cheers To You. I used Countdown to Christmas and I really love the fun yet classic feel of this line.

I haven’t managed to get my hands on Hometown yet but you know I’m just biding my time! I have big plans for it, and because of the great gender neutrality in colours and patterns, I know even my husband will love it!
Oh and what other Sweetwater things do I love? Labels!! We all need to get better about labelling our quilts and Sweetwater is helping out with their awesome Label Club! I’ve been stashing mine, and using some too, and they just make every project more fun, and easy to at least include my name on a quilt, or add a personal touch to a project.

What should be included in a label? Your name for sure, the recipient if there is one, and the date. After that it’s more what you want but I’d also suggest the fabric line, pattern, or any special reason for making the quilt.

Thanks Cara for showing us your wonderful Sweetwater projects. I want to come play in your stash someday! I think my favorite project is the Sunkissed quilt, I can't wait for that pattern :)
What was your favorite?

Come back tomorrow for some more Sweetwater fun!

Sha :)


  1. So that's where all the Sunkissed went!! ;) I've got some Hometown if you ever wanna do some swapping, Cara. :)

    Thanks for sharing your Sweetwater love!!

  2. Sunkissed--I always forget I want some of that!

    Great quilts Cara:)

  3. The comment about the hubby not knowing - that sounds familiarf:0)

  4. beautiful quilts. i love my sweetwater labels!

  5. These are beautiful quilts. I love the Cheers to You with Countdown to Christmas quilt the best. :)

  6. My favorite is the Pure wrap--I'm headed over to the Bake Shop for the pattern. And I've been thinking of joining the Label Crew; you might have just pushed me over the edge.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  7. Thanks for sharing Cara. I love Sweetwater fabric! I have made a laptop cover with Make Life. I have a stash of Pure, which I think will be made into something for my son. I am in the middle of making a quilt for my daughter with Sunkissed and I just bought some Hometown last week. I am sure I can add to my collection. Jacinta


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