Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Here's my Fall Project...

I'm super excited today to be part of the Accuquilt Fall Blog Hop! I'm part of the Quilters With Modern Tools group and guess what? As of yesterday I became a quilter with 2 modern tools! You'll have to wait and see which one I just got :)

The theme for this blog hop is Fall and the only specific instruction we received was that it had to be made with something cut with our Accuquilt Go! or Baby Go! You know me I have to be different so I started thinking. I didn't have to think to much because I know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and since October is in the Fall and I had just gotten the Accuquilt Go! Ribbon die it was a perfect fit.

I was lucky enough to find some great Breast Cancer fabric for this project, even though I had no idea what this project was until this past Sunday. I was very torn about what to make. First I was going to make a zipper bag, but I didn't have enough fusible fleece and didn't want to go to any store so scratch that idea. Then I decided on a mug rug.

Since I knew I needed a few applique ribbons cut out with my Go! I started there. I used Steam-A-Seam 2 on the back of the ribbon fabric. Its so easy to use, just place the part without the paper on the back of your fabric and press for 10 seconds. Then I simply used the Go! the same way as I usually would and it came out perfect.

That's when inspiration hit me. I decided to make a frame out of fabric and put the ribons in the center. Here's what I came up with for the ribbon layout. Actually I had wanted to use 3 ribbons to signify Mind, Body and Spirit, but that didn't work.

The frame part of the mug rug came together in my mind pretty easy. I fussy cut the words used for the inside frame. Here's a word at the top that has significant meaning to me. My Mother-in-law had breast cancer 9 years ago and was in remission for 8 years before she was diagnosed with lung cancer. We lost her 3 months ago tomorrow (June 28, 2011). Here's one of my favorite pics from June 2010 of my Hub's and his Mom.

Here's my finished project. You can't tell from this pic but I used a curly stitch along the inside of the frame. It was fun doing something different than a straight stitch.It's a bit big to be a mug rug so it ended up being a mini quilt.

Here's a close look at the center of the ribbons. I'm not sure if you can tell but theres a butterfly stitched by machine in the center and the center of the 2 ribbons too. My Mother-in-law loved butterflies.

I hope you like my Fall project. I havent decided what to do with this mini quilt yet, for now its staying with me, but I might donate it at some point to help raise funds for the Susan G Komen Association.

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Sha :)


  1. Sharon, I'm sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. Isn't it lovely though how we can use quilts to hold both our love and our loss? What a beautiful commemorative quilt this is!

  2. What a great mini project! And that you had those dies to make a great perfect cut. I think you should keep it for you and your husband.
    A very nice rememberance.

  3. What a great little project!! It's nice that you were able to make something for breast cancer awareness. My mother-in-law was diagnosed in August with breast cancer! Thanks for sharing your project with us!!!

  4. Gorgeous! I love the idea of overlapping the ribbons. :)


  5. What a beautiful project, I like the overlapping ribbons. Sorry about the loss of your mother-in-law.
    Quilting by the River

  6. Your project couldn't be more apropos. My BF had a lumpectomy last week and is having radiation this week. As it is Stage 1, we are being positive.

  7. What a wonderful project for such a great cause. I am sorry to hear about your loss.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! You are a talent young lady. :D I am adopting this for my Mom too. <3

  9. I love your quilt, so cute and what a great cause... I to lost my Mother to cancer, hers was Colon Cancer and since I inherited her sewing machines and she always made quilts and things for charities, I now continue in her name and i make quilts for charity.

  10. What a beautiful memorial quilt.

  11. I love it! Great job!

  12. What a wonderful idea and execution of the idea. Good job!

    Thanks for being a host of this blog hop.

  13. Lovely quilt - blessings to you and your DH

  14. Your project is great.Here,October is breast cancer month.

  15. A great quilt for Breast Cancer Awareness!

  16. I lovely tribute! thanks for sharing!

  17. This turned out really cute. Very creative.

  18. I just love this!! Your MIL would be so proud of you. It turned out awesome! Great job, friend!

  19. Very nice project - love the overlapped ribbons!

  20. Oh Sharon, what a wonderful way to welcome Fall, increase awareness of breast cancer, and share your love and memories of your mother-in-law. I'm sure she was very proud of you.

    Very inspirational posts. I've made many breast cancer awareness quilts and wallhangings and really love your design. Thanks for sharing.


  21. I just love this, thanks so much ~~

  22. I think your quilt is very important and I'm sure you will find the right place for it!


  23. Really nice!! I love how you over lapped the ribbons as well. I lost my Mother-in-Law last November to pancreatic cancer. Thanks for such a thoughtful idea.


  24. A lovely project, we had a walk in town today to raise money for Breast Cancer.
    Happy days.

  25. that's a really special quilt, one I'm sure was emotional for you to make. A special tribute to your mil, so sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your beautiful project!

  26. Oh Sha,
    Your quilt is just beautiful. Of course you know it brought me to tears, but what doesn't right now? This grieving is such hard work. Steve is trying to keep me busy but today I just had to stay in bed and sleep the afternoon away. It helped as I woke up a little refreshed. Today marks two weeks that Jo has been gone. :(

  27. This is beautiful! What a great tribute!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!


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