Monday, September 26, 2011

My Plans For The Week.....

Happy Monday everyone! I have plans, lots of plans for the week. The beginning is busy, but the second half is almost empty (so far) which will leave me plenty of time to play! I have  surprise for you and me coming (do I hear the G word again?) so stay tuned!

I am so excited about Tuesday, I am part of the Accuquilt Fall Blog Hop! All week long we will be hopping from one blog to another to share Fall ideas. Today Darlene of SewCalGal starts the hop with an adorable quilt made from tumblers (and I heard the G word on her blog today too!). I hope you join me for this fun hop and make sure to check here tomorrow for my special Fall project. If you can't wait that long here's a hint...It has to do with the color pink. Those of you that know me might be able to guess it, but please don't tell anyone.

Sally's Quilting CornerAs for today, I am guest blogging at Sally's Quilting Corner. She has a series on how to organize your sewing/quilting space, no matter how big or small. Go to her blog to see how I fold and store yardage and while your there it would be great if you left her a comment with your organizing hints :)...oh and don't forget to tell her hi for me.

Have you been to Talkin Tuesday's (#Talknt) yet? It's a tweetchat room hosted by the awesome Cara of Cara Quilts. From 9 - 11 EST we all get together and answer questions about quilting. It's a great way to learn new things about your favorite addiction. Tomorrows (September 27, 2011) Talkin' Tuesday is being sponsored by my friend Sally of Sally's Quilting Corner...yup that's the same Sally that I am guest blogging on. I hope you join us, but here's a hint...don't access it thru twitter search, use tweetchat instead. It will make it so much easier. And if you are not on twitter yet, there's still time to join. Once you get on twitter you can find me at @shapernes. 

And to make my life even busier I have 2 classes at The Berry Patch planned, 1 on Tuesday and 1 on Wednesday.

Plus I have to make 2 blocks for 2 special friends of mine that I have to get in the mail by Wednesday morning.

And to end the week I want to finish the quilt I am making for my oldest son by Friday. He's coming to visit this weekend and I want to give it to him.

I'd love to hear what you are up to this week...are you as busy as me? Are you busier than me? If you let me know I will be your biggest cheerleader!

Sha :)


  1. Happy Monday, You are busy. I'm still pulling totes from garage to get set back up to sew AGAIN. Thanks for the great tips on fabric storage with the ruler! Why didn't I think of that? Pink? I know what it is, my lips are sealed tho :)Enjoy your week, Kim

  2. Busy bee! Yes we have some things to do as well;) We had MOPS this morning and then tumbling in a few.

    Tomorrow bible study in the morning.

    Wed. and Thursday need to get the other top rows pieced and then I need to make my 2 backings.

  3. You are a busy bee! I like your fabric folding tip. I think I know what your fall project is, but I won't tell. Enjoy your day!

  4. Wow! You are super busy. I would love to take your class!


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