Saturday, September 3, 2011

Remember Me Block

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The September meeting of the United Forever Double Block of the Month Club meets today at The Berry Patch. I only got 1 block done this month, but am determined to finish the other one before the October meeting. Of course I just got the block done late last night. The Doc changed one of my meds and its thrown me for a loop so I am not getting as much done right now (hence the late finish, but better late than never I guess).

This months blocks were Remember Me and the Montgomery block. The Remember Me block is based on an excerpt from the Book Days and Events 1860-1865 by Thomas L Livermore. He wrote about his thoughts before the Battle of Antietam.

To me this block represents his families prayers for a safe return while he was gone. I am considering doing another one of these blocks, but with a Star of David in the center rather than a cross to represent my beliefs. I think that would be an interesting block too.

I am really enjoying the fabric I picked for this project. The pink is the focus fabric. I have about 20 FQs of white and black to play with and am always picking up more when I shop. I don't really like reproduction fabric and wanted to modernize this project. I think most of the people in this club are doing the same thing. Its really interesting to see the blocks done in so many different fabrics.

Have you ever done a civil war block or a block of the month club? This is my first and I am really enjoying it.

Sha :)


  1. I like your color choices for these blocks.

  2. I love your color choices, very eye popping and beautiful block!

  3. great colors, great design. Love this block

  4. I really love this block. The color choices and the story are wonderful.

  5. LOVE this block and the colors you've chosen! Thank you for the interesting history, too. It's always so nice learning new things!

  6. Sharon this block is fantastic. I love the design and colors...


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