Sunday, September 25, 2011

Key to Friendship Quilt

I hope you have enjoyed the Friendship Blog Hop this weekend. Don't you just love the quilts Tiffany and Carolyn made?

Today it's my day to show your the quilt I made with that same pattern. Originally Tiffany and I were both going to use the same FQ kit, we both had the Sweetwater Designer Select Fat Quarter kit from The Fat Quarter Shop. I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but these kits are a Fat Quarter Shop exclusive. The plan was to make use of the same fabric for the same quilt and see how different they came out. Then Carolyn joined and decided she was going to use her Pips jelly roll. That's what I remembered a jelly roll I had and we changed to format to showcase 3 different fabrics for the same pattern.

Here's my quilt. I call it Keys to Friendship.

I used Deb Strains Meadow Friends in the boy color way. I really struggled on the layout for this one. It happened to have about 16 brown strips. Being a very 'symetrical' quilter made deciding on a layout even more challenging...I know I need to loosen up, but that's another post lol. This was my first layout, but I wasn't happy with it. so I decided to make the outside and inside of each key piece match and was much happier then.

If you notice in Tiffany's and Carolyn's quilts they did more of a layout like I show above, more random. It's funny because Tiff originally had hers like mine and we both decided that it didn't work as well as the random way she ended up with. Isn't it funny how different fabric work differently?

I hope you enjoyed our Friendship blog hop! We plan on doing it again sometime and I hope you will consider joining us :)

Tomorrow I will be guest blogging at Sally's Quiting Corner, showing how I fold and organize my yardage fabric.

Sha :)


  1. All 3 are great and differnt as well. I like a pattern that works this way. I'm wanting too try this one for my youngest grandson, as it reminds me of legos. He just loves them. Thanks for inspiring me to get back to sewing. Off to FQS to order the PDF pattern. Thank you! Kim

  2. They are all beautiful. Thanks to all for sharing.

  3. How fun!! They are all lovely! It's so neat that you guys did this together.

  4. I like! The border on yours is super cute too.

  5. Thanks for organizing this, Sha! It was fun and inspiring at the same time. AND I now have another flimsy to quilt. *sigh*
    Seriously, I can't wait to get this one quilted. I just love it and I LOVE yours and Tiffany's, too. So different! Hugs!

  6. good post on choosing colors ... they all turned out great, but yours show good, rich fall colors and it makes all the difference in the world.

  7. These are fantastic, and the audition of colors are really nice... I love to see new and exciting quilt designs. Such talent I and associated with...


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