Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's Amanda Again!

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Join me in welcoming Amanda from Little Treasurers by Amanda back to Craizee Corners! During Tula Pink month Amanda showed us a wonderful dress she made and now she has even more goodness to share. Here's a link to her Tula Pink post.

I feel so honored that Sha let me guest blog again. So glad that I didn't mess it up last time! Well, this is Sweetwater's month. I'm going to talk about using their Sunkissed line. I really was on the fence about this fabric and hadn't really planned on buying any

*gasp* I actually said that and am being featured, how dare I?!?! Oh the shame!

Hold on! Please trust me and keep reading!

Well, as I was saying, I wasn't going to buy any. That is until, Brie and I created Misfit Quilters and we had our first doll quilt swap (DQS). I had Selina's name and the colors in Sunkissed matched the colors that she likes. So, I gave in and bought a fat quarter bundle of Sunkissed. I was kinda worried I wasn't going to like it and then what was I going to use it for after I finished the doll quilt. I got my package, opened it, and was amazed by the fabric. I LOVED it!!! Wow, how could it be that I was on the fence and had decided I wasn't going to buy and now I'm in love with it? I love how the fabric also had words with definitions like grow, sprout, hope, and sunshine just to name a few.

Each of the blocks in the doll quilt was chosen because they had a meaning that went along with them. You can read those meaning in this post. Now all that is left is to figure out what I'm going to use the rest of my fabric for!

Happy Sewing! 

As a fellow Misfit I can tell you that everyone who saw her progress on the Sunkissed Doll Quilt was hoping that they were her swappee! Be sure to check out Amanda's blog.

Until tomorrow!
Sha :)

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  1. Love this!!! I want to be a Misfit, too! HOw can I be one? If it helps me make purdy quilts like that, then I'm in!!


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