Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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Have you ever made a tumbler quilt? A tumbler is just another name for a wedge of some kind. The wedge pieces are alternated like pictured below.

Most tumbler patterns use a template, but in my world that's a dirty word. And why would I make more work for myself when I can have tons of these great wedge shapes cut in a matter of minutes.

The tumbler pieces are cut the same way as the other 2 blocks I showed you this week. If you missed the tutorial click here.

You can make these tumbler pieces any size you want. I have to make a few more Valentines mug rugs so I decided to use the tumblers as a frame for some embroidery or applique I plan on doing.

For this mug rug I used 4" tumblers. If you trim a charm square to be 4 x 5 then you can get 2 - 4" tumblers from each charm. I had some leftover charms from a quilt I am working on and used them. Once the tumblers are cut, arrange them in a pleasing manner. Remember to turn every other one upside down or you will end up with a Dresden fan instead of a straight line. 

To sew these together simply put them right sides together with the top points lining up. Sew down the right side diagonal. Then press the seams open.

Continue sewing tumbler pieces until you have enough. I used 7 pieces. Then I trimmed them slightly to even it all up.

Now cut the whole piece in half. I wanted the effect of the tumblers continuing from the top to bottom and visa versa. For the center I used a piece of white cut to 6" x 9". 

Make sure the top part of the tumbler strip is on the top of the center fabric and the other is on the bottom.

Now comes the tricky part...getting the pieces to be even. I was taught to line up the centers when using sashing and this is basically the same thing. Fold the white in half along the 9" part and mark the center. Then fold the 2 tumbler parts and mark them. I find it helpful to make a sharp fold where the center is. Start pinning at the marked center line and go out from there.

Sew the top and bottom on and press towards the center. Then even out the sides using the center piece as a guide. There will be a little overhand on each side.

Now I just have to figure out what to put on the white piece.

So are you sold on this technique yet? I don't know where I would be without these special rulers. I personally will do anything not to have to draw on the back of a square, especially along the bias.

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  1. This is really neat! Bookmarked this too! Thanks!

  2. looks good! i used this idea for a border, and on another, added a row across the bottom of the piece to change the shape of an appliqued piece from a rectangle to a square.


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