Monday, January 9, 2012

A Decision

Yesterday was the first round of the playoffs (football) and my NY Giants were on at noon. As usual I was banned from the living room because my family is convinced that I am bad luck for the Giants, since whenever I watch them they start getting scored on. I'm not sure there is any scientific proof of this, but I don't want to jinx them so I play along with this superstition. And they won so I am happy I stayed away :) 

So there I was yesterday, watching TV in the bedroom and doing some shopping on the Fat Quarter Shop web site (I needed some flannel backing and some background and binding fabric). I don't know about you, but when I am on there I get all sorts of ideas for new quilts. Then I got a bunch of FQ sets that I have 'collected' over the past few months, (some from Market, some from the Designer Select FQ Kit Club and others I won) and surrounded myself with them right there on the bed. I am ashamed to say that I have about 20 FQ sets as a 'stash' now. I don't really like the idea of a 'stash' it makes me sad to see fabric not being used and honestly drive me a little Craizee. I try to have a plan for everything I get, even if it will take a while to work on that project.

But still even as I was surrounded by all this gorgeous fabric, I was dreaming about fabric I didn't have and what I would make with it. That's when it hit me...a realization of sorts and I now feel like I am focused on my quilting more than ever.

I have decided to finish the quilts on my long goal list for this year before planning any new quilts.

The only exceptions will be any quilt-alongs and swaps I decide to join and any baby quilts I have to make. And also the Designer Select FQ Club Kit projects I do for my monthly series.
I am not pledging to stop buying fabric, but I am pledging not to start on any un-planned quilts as of today.

I am not pledging to stop buying fabric, but I am pledging to finish what I have planned.

How about you? Will you join me?


  1. Sharon, I am right here quilting along side. Last year I made over 30 charity quilts, quilts for friends and it left me not having time to finish my sons Christmas quilt and my grands quilt I keep pushing aside. Yesterday, I finished my sons quilt and matching pillows and today I am starting my granddaughters quilt to finish it and then a rag quilt for a grandson. Like you, I will do small things here and there, but until I accomplish so many this year, someone else will have to do charity quilts! As they say, charity begins at home!

  2. That's my plan, too. I have about 7 quilt tops ready to quilt and 9 more tops to put together. THen there are all those projects that have fabric and patterns together in bags, "ready to cut." I definitely need to get busting!

  3. From what I caught on the restaurant’s tv while out to lunch, the Giants didn’t just win, they totally dominated :)

    I’ve had to make a pledge that no matter how many awesome quilt-alongs come along this year, I need to finish a few specific projects that I already have in progress before I can take on any others. Luckily, the deadline for 3 of those are all before the beginning of May, so who knows what the second half of the year will bring!

  4. I've decided that I'm on a fabric diet for at least the first quarter of this year. As part of the Finish-a-Long, I suppose. I've got way too many projects in my head, many of which are QALs or block-of-the-month type things, where the fabric in my stash is more than adequate. How did it all build up so fast in only the year or so that I've been sewing!!!?

  5. I love fabric, and love the Fat quarter Shop. It seems there is always something I want but having as much as I do, I've started cutting back. I enjoy spreading mine out too. I did that with Pam Kitty Morning. Wonderful therapy. It makes me happy! I figure what I don't use I know my family will enjoy.


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