Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do you know how to TANGO?

Have you heard that the color of the year is Tango Tangerine?

Erin at Two More Seconds Blog is hosting a challenge called The Tangerine Tango Quilt Challenge. There's 2 categories; mini quilts and large quilts. She set up a flickr page called the Tango Tangerine Contest that you can join to enter and see everyone's entries.  
She has challenged us to create a quilt using mostly tango tangerine colors. You can use 1 other color and a neutral if you want, but the focus color has to be in the orange family (as close to tangerine as possible).

Imagine how lucky I felt when I realized that the fabric my son Tyler picked was orange and its pretty close to tangerine. What a perfect match! I can enter the contest, make Tyler his long waited for quilt and cross off 1 of my goals for the Finish-a-long (see yesterdays blog post). It's like a banana split ice cream sundae!!!

Here's the fabric Tyler chose. My plan is to work on this quilt till it's done. He goes back to school at the end of January. Thank you Johns Hopkins for starting the spring semester late :) I love that he gets a long break. He goes to school so far away that it's nice to have longer than a few days with him. He will be taking this quilt back with him to keep him warm during the cold winter.

I have a new pattern that he helped me design too. I will have that pattern available by the end of the month (hopefully).

So how about it...will you tango with me?


  1. I won't be tangoing with you, but I can't wait to see your design!!!

  2. I'm strongly considering this challenge - love your colors AND that it can be a 'dual' project!

  3. Good for you Sharon, killing 2 birds with one stone! I heard last month about this "New Color" , I'm not very happy about it. I can so see my orange and brown shag carpet and horrid sunken love pit living room years ago. It is not an enjoyable vision! I can't wait too see what is going to be done with the "Color" to update the feel of "Groovy"!


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