Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm a Snake Charmer Now

If you are looking for the Darling Heart FQ bundle giveaway click here.

I admit it...I am a new snake charmer :)

No I don't mean real snakes (just the fact that I can type that word is a big step for me) but I did charm some charm squares into a cute quilt top.

I used the Snake Charmer pattern by Little Louise Designs. The great thing about this pattern is that its available as a PDF from The Fat Quarter Shop! This is my favorite way to purchase patterns. I can save them to IBooks on my Ipad and have it ready whenever I need it.

Instead of a charm pack, I used 7 FQ's from my Darling Heart Garden FQ bundle and made it a little wider and longer. The pattern is so easy that adding to the quilt is easy. There's no real quilt math to do.

And it uses one of my favorite techniques, connectors. If you missed my connector tutorial you can find it here.

You might have noticed that it's not all the way done yet, there's 2 reasons for that (aka my excuses):
1. I have been slaving away trying to finish my son Tyler's quilt before he goes back to school. I'm very sad to say that I did not accomplish that goal, but I'm very close. All I have left to do is the binding. It's a new Original Craizee Corner pattern so I can't share it until I get it all finished and written up. But Tyler loves it and I hope you will too.
2. I decided on a single fabric border and didn't order it until Sunday. Here's what I am using for the border.

This fabric is from the other colorway in the Heart Garden line called Beloved Heart Garden. I want the border to pull any red out of the snakes to make it pop more.  

But I do plan on finishing this quilt this weekend. I am going to send it to my Mom for Valentines Day. 

I also want to share an email I got from a follower yesterday. Alyce wrote me:

Awww, so pretty!!
I just wanted to share my creation from last night inspired by your mug rug yesterday

I was so excited to learn that Alyce used Monday's tutorial to make her own mug rug. She modified it a bit, which I think is awesome and something I do often. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well this just about knocked my socks off! As a blogger you never know if anyone's really reading the blog or if you are reaching anyone. This totally made my day, along with the other great comments y'all left this week. If you make any of these projects I'd love to hear and see them too :) 

Here's my question for today, what would you make if you won this awesome FQ bundle of Darling Heart Garden from the Fat Quarter Shop?

Come back tomorrow for another V-Week project. I have to tell you a secret...It's not done yet. I am taking a class tomorrow and that will be the last project for the week.


  1. I really like the quilt and the mug rug is adorable. I always lean towards a quilt top whenever I see a new fq bundle.

  2. Just had to comment on this post. LOVE the snake charmer in the pink!!! Darling Heart looks great with the black many little time!

  3. What a wonderful compliment! I love your snakes :)

  4. Maybe a table topper? Love the mug rug!

  5. Aw thanks Sha!! I love that you love it :) And thankyou everyone else, so sweet! I love that pattern - I have a FQ bundle that I might just keep that one in mind for. Like I need another project right now, but I'll just have to remember, lol.
    Darling Heart would make a great girl quilt, I think. Add it to my baby girl quilt stash - I love it when friends have babies, coz I have to make them a quilt ;) Hubby indulges me in this!

  6. I think I would make a few of the mug rugs for my friends. I haven't made one yet, but I think I will have to make one soon.

  7. I'm not quite sure what I'd make, but I know I'd want to make something for my nieces with it.

  8. WoW! I love your Snake Charmer quilt. Looks Awesome! Also Alyce did a great job on her mugrug. To answer your question, my best friend for more than 40 years has a birthday next month. I'd love to make her a tablerunner out of the Darling Heart Garden FQ Bundle from your giveaway. Maybe also a zippered pouch.

  9. Nice work. Thanks for linking to the NewFO Challenge.

  10. Love the snake charmer in pink! Could be wiggly-worms for the snake-squeemish ...


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