Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

My friend Jacqueline from Handmade With Love is hosting this wonderful link party. It's called an Attitude of Gratitude. She is asking everyone to write about what they are grateful for and then link up that blog post. Isn't that a great idea? We all get so busy in our everyday lives that we sometimes forget to count our blessings.

As you might know, I suffer from bouts of depression and anxiety. Luckily with the help of meds and a wonderful therapist, I am able to deal with this disease. I am also very very lucky to have a great support system with my family...Tim and the kids are always there when I need them and my Mom is just a phone call away for those meltdown moments. I have made sure that my family members are educated about this disease, which helps them help me. So the thing I am most grateful for is the people in my life that support me thru the ups and downs of this disease; Tim, Bryan, Meagan, Tyler, my Mom, my friend Trish, my doctor, my therapist and the friends who live in my IPad. Without their support I would be a much different person.

I am also grateful that my marriage is stronger than ever. Tim and I are empty nesters now and we are enjoying this part of our lives. He is my husband and my best friend, I enjoy spending time with him. I know others who do not have this type of relationship with their spouse so I know how lucky I am to be in marriage. That's another thing I am grateful for.

Of course I am grateful for the fact that my kids are all wonderful and responsible young adults. This year Meagan and Tyler will be graduating college!

Another thing I am grateful for is my creativity. I need to be creative for my soul, it's just part of who I am. The fact that I have the freedom and ability to quilt and work on new patterns and tutorials is so important to me.

There you have it, I am grateful for many other things, but these are the top ones.

How about joining me?

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  1. Im sure you will think of more!!! I sure am grateful for you! xoxo


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