Friday, January 20, 2012

Terrain Stepping Stones Quilt, My First Finish Of The Year!

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This week was very exciting for me, not only did I work on 4 Valentines Day projects but I finished my first quilt on my 2012 Finish-A-Long list! It's my Terrain Stepping stones Quilt.

I finished the quilt top in November before Thanksgiving, so I guess technically it didn't take that long to make since I don't stop piecing until the quilt top is done. That keeps me from being confused. Besides it was a fairly easy pattern. If you want the pattern its available here for FREE!

I knew that I wanted to make a small lap size quilt to put over my legs when I am using the computer. We have hard wood floors and my feet get cold. I also knew I didn't want it to be too heavy and bulky so I decided to just back it in flannel with no batting. And its the perfect weight, its over my lap right now keeping me cozy :)

Like many of my projects this one had lots of HSTs, which you know I am craizee about! I know I am weird, but I like the challenge of matching them all up.

I decided to just quilt in the ditch around the different shapes, big squares, little squares, diagonals and diamonds.

The hardest part for some reason was hand sewing the back of the binding on. It was only 2 thin layers and my needle kept going thru the front so it took forever to hand sew. I think I need to learn to machine sew binding on.

Today is another big quilting day. I need to put the borders on Tyler's quilt and quilt and bind my Valentines quilt.

Speaking of Valentines Day, next week I have decided is V week here at Craizee Corners. I have a bunch of V-day projects to show you and maybe a great giveaway too! If you have a V-day project you would like to share let me know and I would be happy to show it here.

Come back tomorrow to see who the 2 winners of the Nifty Notions rulers are!  


  1. Great job! Love all your perfect points!

  2. This is gorgeous! Love the pattern and it's lovely in Terrain!

  3. What a beautiful quilt!! I'm looking forward to next week! V day is right around the corner-- it'll be nice to have a headstart on some projects! :-)

  4. I love this quilt!! It is really lovely. It was so nice meeting you at the Quilt Guild the other night. I can't wait to get together and chat some more. I hope your having a fantastic day! I will talk to you soon.

  5. Sharon this is beautiful... I love this pattern too... I am still trying to cut stuff for swoon quilt..

  6. This quilt is really pretty! The pattern looked hard so I didn't try it, but close up it looks so nice and maybe I could do it. Beautiful workmanship. Love it!

  7. What a gorgeous quilt Sha!! Plus I love Terrain. You're going to have to give me some tips on HST. Even with Thangles they don't always turn out right. Looking forward to your Valentine's projects.


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