Monday, January 30, 2012


Do you like scrappy quilts or a more organized look?

You might have noticed that my quilting style is not scrappy at all. Even when I attempt to have a scrappy look I take lots of time to place each piece in the exact right place. I like to call it 'organized chaos'.

This past fall I somehow amassed a bunch of FQ bundles. Some I got at Sample Spree at Fall Market, some I got from giveaways and some I got from The Fat Quarter Shops Designer Select club while a few I just had to have. While I love FQ bundles they don't lend themselves to an organized look, unless I want to get some background or coordinating fabric. Right now I really want to use the FQ bundles without other fabric added. I see it as a challenge to grow as a quilter.

And therein lies my problem. I just can't seem to do scrappy, even though I really want to. I think it would be fun to just sew and not 'worry' about if a piece goes with the piece next to it. Not only would it be fun, but it might be a little bit more relaxing, who knows.

So I need your help. I need some pattern suggestion, hints on how to make scrappy quilts and lots of eye candy to inspire me to start using those FQ bundles. I am planning on making a quilt with the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinson's Designs. I think it's perfect for the Sandy Gervais Designer Select bundle, made with Sassy fabric . But that's as far as my plans go.

I'm ashamed to list all the FQ bundles I have to use. I have never been one that had a stash, all that unused fabric makes me sad and a little guilty, so imagine how I feel about these FQ bundles. But I am going to swallow my pride and list them anyway.
So here goes...

Bunny Hill - Puttin' on The Ritz Designer Select bundle
Aqua Red by Michael Miller
Anne Kelle - Zoology Designer Select bundle
Fig Tree - Butterscotch and Roses Designer Select bundle
Daisy Dance
Pam Kitty Morning
Bold and Beautiful
Daisy Cottage
A Stitch in Color
Pear Tree
No Bullying
Flower Shop I Heart
Little Apples

So it's your turn now...inspire me please.



  1. Have you ever heard of the book "Organized Scrap Quilts" I think that is right. It's not new; but, it really is a great compromise. I have even used it for Jelly Rolls.


  2. I don't have any suggestions for you b/c I'm not that experienced of a quilter but I have to say I love that Sandy Gervais material! GORGEOUS!

  3. I like scrap quilts, but like you I tend to want them organized :-) So many times I just make 5" squares with a white or neutral color in between. I think going through the Moda Bake Shop may give you some ideas on using scrappy colors.

  4. It's scary how alike your personality is with mine. I've had my kids come in and place fabrics randomly when I was piecing something that was supposed to be random (and still tried to re-arrange it). I got a pattern from Julie at Intrepid Thread that showcases fat quarters (which I too have several of) It's called Show me your Fat Quarters and I'll show you mine. I haven't actually made it yet, but it looks like something I could manage - a controlled scrappy kind of. lol I've also used the various bundles when I choose to follow one of the QAL's like the Moose on the Porch Fat Quarter Stars QAL or the Sew.Happy.Quilt.QAL. I'm also using my Pam Kitty Morning and working at my leisure on the Farmer's Wife Sampler. I'm not sure why I started that one, except I wanted more practice and experience with foundation piecing and patience threshold. Good luck! I love that bundle of Sassy.

  5. Check out Elizabeth Hartman's blog She's the queen of improv & scrappy quilts

  6. Atkinson designs has several great books that work with FQ bundles. I have made Yellow Brick Road several times and it really looks great. Check out Anka's Treasures, too. Heather has a new book out called Living Large 2 that has great patterns for FQ's and large prints. Another idea that I love, but that has a lot of waste, is You'd have to cut your fq's into 5" or 10" squares, but I think this kind of pattern looks great with the variety in a fq bundle. Good luck!

  7. I'm not so good with scrappy either....

  8. I'm a big fan of scrappy, but like them somewhat organized. The thing about scrappy though, it works better if you have a big stash with lots of variety. Might give you palpitations! You might try easing in to scrappy quilts by taking just one aspect of a non-scrappy quilt and making it scrappy. For example, say you have blocks with yellow star points -- instead of using just a single yellow fabric, use a different yellow in each block. Then your quilt becomes what I might call "semi-scrappy". I like to do this just to make quilts more interesting with lots of fabrics to discover. Not sure if this would help with using FQ bundles though, as the fabrics are all different. For FQ bundle patterns check out Swirly Girls Design. I like one called "Perfect Ten". I wish I could get some of your guilt about having too much fabric because generally I just want it all!

  9. A few weeks ago I picked up the book "Cut the Scraps" by Joan Ford. It has several great patterns to use with scraps. I am a scrappy person and I purdhased the book to try to get my scraps organized. I'm still working on it.

  10. I keep scraps of a usable size. I do a scrappy pattern like disappearing nine patch and HST's are my favorite, but I use the fabric bundles I have bought, most are older lines, out of print. And I have alot, two bookcases full of fabric. So don't feel bad. I want to make quilts and whatever I don't use my family can use or sell.


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