Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winner Alert!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win the Ruby Designer Select FQ kit. As you know these specific kits are only available at The Fat Quarter Shop. These kits can be purchased individually or thru the Designer Select FQ Club. I highly recommend the club since you get a discount, but the best part is having a package show up without ordering it. Its always brightens my day! As always a big thanks to The Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring this series.

The number My Mr. Random picked is #14!

Mom2RyanandSis said

Lots to choose from in the coming soon, but I think today I am most looking forward to Apple of my eye!!

Congrats! I have emailed you!

Starting tomorrow I will be doing a new series on speciality rulers. To get ready for it I'd love to know the following things...
1. Do you like making Half Square triangles (HST)? If not why
2. Do you trim your HSTs?
3. What method are you using right now?

Please come back tomorrow, this week promised to be both informative and fun!


  1. I do not like HST because I cannot sew straight and cannot trim well. I use whatever method the directions require which usually is marking on the diagonal of a square, sewing a quarter inch on either side, cutting in half, pressing, then trimming to size.
    My dilemma: Why is it that I am drawn to blocks with HST when they so aggravate me?

  2. I don't really enjoy HSTs but like Marcia (comment above) I like patterns that have them in them. I usually try and use Thangles. If I'm using Thangles I cut my strip 1/4" bigger than the paper on each side and trim after done sewing. Sometimes I use the "draw a diagional line across etc" method but try not to. Still, not sure why, neither way works perfect for me.?? Tell me you have a solution Sha! hehe.

  3. I like to use the HST ruler that you cut them using strips! I do make sure that my finished square is the right size, but they have been coming out quite nice!


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