Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What a week so far!

Well I am finally home!

Where did I got you ask?

As you might know on Thanksgiving night I had to be rushed my ambulance to the ER (no I didn't eat too much at dinner). I felt like I was having a heart attack, which was thankfully ruled out within 10 minutes of arriving. Then after a few more tests they said I had gallstones and would need them out. I have no idea why they didn't do that immediately, but maybe the holiday made then short staffed people (I am choosing not to dwell on that).

So I toughed it out over the weekend waiting patiently till Monday morning to call the surgeon I used for my hernia a few years ago. I was so upset that he couldn't fit me in this week and mostly likely not even the next week. So he sent me to the ER and said he would call down there to explain the situation. I had the best staff in the ER and after they took another ex ray and sonogram they called in a surgeon. The surgeon did an exam and asked me tons of questions and said that I would be having the gallbladder out right away. Within an hour I was in the OR. Whoever said its an easy surgery and a quick was wrong. I was out for almost 2 hours and although I had the 4 little scars, 3 are about 1 " and the 4th (by the belly button) is almost 3". Evidently it was abnormal and harder to get out. But what about me is ever 'normal'? That was all on Monday so I should have been able to go home early Tuesday morning, since its usually a day operation.

Tuesday brought its own problems, my Blood Oxygen was in the 70s so I had to wear a full mask all the time. It was getting harder for me to breathe. Then the doctor did some gross thing, he stuck a tube down my nose into my my lung or stomache area to relieve the pocket of whatever gasses and goo was there. This finally helped me breathe. Plus they kept me pretty drugged up last night since I couldn't sleep at all the night before.
I woke up today and by 10:00 the doctor had been in and said I could go home! All I remember is trying to call Tim and falling asleep before he answered, but I guess he got the hint anyway.
So that's my story of this week so far.

Plus its also my son Eric's birthday. We had 1 week with him before he was taken from us, but I have to believe that Eric was in heaven watching over me and helped make me better. Its almost like I could feel him with me. As a matter of fact in one of my dreams last night I was hugging him, which to me was a wonderful gift from him.


  1. I did not know about this. Any surgery is scary. I am glad you are feeling better now. Quilty hugs going your way.


  2. Get to feeling better soon.
    Diane in Eugene, OR


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