Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Reptile Quilt For My Reptile Man

Have any of your kids ever become so enthralled by something that it's all they ever talk about. My oldest son, Bryan, was like that in 3rd grade. I was nuts for snakes, lizards, snakes, frogs and did I mention snakes? You get the jist of it right? All he talked about were these animals, every report for school was done on snakes or lizards, which he then read on the loudspeaker at the school. I spent many afternoons in the herpertarium with him so he could see the snakes they had there.

So when I saw Meadow Friends by Deb Strain I knew that I had to make Bryan a quilt with it. I used the Boy Jelly Roll for the Key to Friendship Quilt Along. Earlier this week I basted, quilted and bound it so I had it to give Bryan when he came home for Thanksgiving.

I had no trouble figuring out how to quilt spoke to me right away. I quilted around the key part of each block. I just had no idea how difficult it would be to do the quilting that way. I was turning the quilt every 2" - 5". Here's a closeup of the back to show you the quilting.

And Bryan loved it! As a matter of fact Tyler liked it too, I guess I forgot how much he loved frogs when he was younger. I have a big quilt planned for Tyler so he will not be forgotten :)

Here's a pic of Bryan snuggling with the quilt a few minutes ago.

Have you finished anything lately?


  1. Looks like he loved it! No finishes for me - but I did finally get a quilt basted. Now I just need to get it finished!

  2. I love that quilt, at first I thought it was a puzzle quilt, but then I understood the snake connection.I love that you spelled your Bryan's name with a 'y', I always think it's misspelled with an 'i'. :) ~Nita

  3. I love the quilt - Meadow Friends is such a cool line. The quilting looks great :)

    I'd love to use the girl line for one of my daughters eventually, but one daughter is into skulls & punk and the other is into pastels and fairies and cute girly stuff. Alas, I am the only one who loves butterflies, birds and dragonflies...


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