Monday, November 28, 2011

My Craizee Kids

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was nice, quiet as usual, which is how I like it. We have quality family time, and with the kids out on their own or in college these days are way to few and far between. After the meal I rounded the kids up and took a few pics. My kids are such goofballs, they all love getting their pics taken. Here's a nice pic of them (Tyler, Meagan and Bryan)

Here's them getting a bit Craizee

The last pic was followed by my real Muscle Men coming out!

So that was the fun portion of Thanksgiving. The not fun part came at night when I had to be rushed by ambulance to the ER. I thought I was having a heart attack! I am a first aid and CPR teacher and know the warning signs very well. Luckily they ruled out a heart attack and sent me for a sonogram to see my gallbladder. Ends up that I have several gallstones and need my gallbladder removed. Its been a hard weekend dealing with the pain, it figures this would happen to me on a long weekend where the doctors don't have office hours. Tomorrow morning I will be calling the surgeon and my family doctor to get this taken care of.

So if you don't see me for a while you will know why.
I wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season and new years!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you need gall bladder surgery, but so relieved for you and your family that it wasn't a heart attack. You will be in my prayers for a quick and speedy recovery.

  2. OOh my gosh. Isn't it great to have the kids home again? The bad/sad part of your post I swear feels like I'm reading my own story other than the part that you're not pregnant.....or are you? LOL (sorry had to ask)
    This is why I added that pregnant part.
    When pregnant with my twins I woke up the day after having a huge Thanksgiving at my Dad and Stepmom's house and felt like I was having a heart attack. Then I thought maybe one of the twins tiny feet had gotten stuck up inside my ribcage and was stuck there kicking the cr*p out of my ribs. After about 30 minutes of trying to move them out of the rib area and it not working, I called the ambulance. High risk pregnancy with twins and possible heart attacks don't go together very well so off we went lights and sirens. The only thing I kept seeing was my poor 2 1/2 yr old son crying 'cause Mommy was being rushed away from him like that. I ended up in the hospital because of that already high risk pregnancy for one entire VERY long month. ugh. The doc let me out the day before Christmas if I promised to go home and be on bedrest. Ummmmm YES! ANYTHING to get out of the hospital after a month. Fast forward to Jan 15th and I was back at the hospital to have the twins c-section and then after they 'closed' that incision, the entire room of the OB surgical team moved out and took with them the high risk OB team as well as the pediatrician and high risk peds teams too and the surgical team for the removal of the gallbladder team came in. It was like a party in that operating room and the party girl was NOT enjoying too much of that party. LOL

    At least your kids were home to be there with you and hopefully will help take care of Momma now until you get some answers. I totally believe you felt as if you were having a heart attack. They told me that having a heart attack is actually one of the worst pains you can go through and in fact, is much worse than a heart attack. I'm sure you can believe that. Gall bladder attacks are NO fun at all. I'll cross my fingers for you. I'll even eat some of the yummy holiday foods just for you since I'm sure you are now seeing those on a list of 'do not eat' foods. GOOD LUCK!

  3. Hope you're feeling better by now; here's wishing you a quick and easy surgery and recovery!

  4. speedy recovery! For some reason all of your posts for the last two weeks only showed up on my blogger THIS MORNING! lol! I was confused when I saw like 15 posts from you all in a matter of a minute! And one of them said Happy Thanksgiving???? hhmmmm silly blogger! Hope all is well and it is great to hear from you again!


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