Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And the answers are...

How did you like the quiz? I didn't count, but I am pretty sure a few of you got a 100!

Here's the answers

1. D. All of the Above - Plus Michael's Craft Store and lots of quilt shops.

2. C. Honeysuckle

3. A. Forest Floor

4. B. She repaints her rooms a lot, although I loved your guesses

The last question I asked was a fun one, but wasn't in the quiz. I asked Kate if she could pick a Designer Select FQ kit for Good Fortune what would it be. Here's what she chose

Pond Garden in Zen (27100-19)
Dragonfly in Zen (27107-19) and Harmony (27107-13)
Raked Sand in Tea (27105-15) and Waterfall (27105-17)
Lantern Flower in Reflection (27102-27)
Lucky Bamboo in Harmony (27106-13) and Tranquility (27106-16)

Sakura in Harmony (27101-13)
Yoshino in Tranquility (27104-16)
Pagoda in Waterfall (27108-17)
Fan in Tranquility (27103-14)

And last but not least my Mr. Random picked #23 when I asked him to pick a number so the winner of the Good Fortune charm pack provided by Kate Spain is

Lee Ann!

Congrats Lee Ann and thanks everyone for playing along!

A Special Thanks to Kate Spain, all the guest bloggers and Fat Quarter Shop for making Terrain month a success!


  1. It think it's rather funny to see compare all the random answers with the truth. You can almost never really tell about somethings.

  2. Sharon, thank you so much for hosting such a fun month! I am honored to have been featured and all your guests made such beautiful things, it was fun to read along! I also enjoyed reading the guesses to the quiz. Too funny. And though i didn't go to High School with Sandra Bullock, I did go to the same school as Matt Dillon! His brother was in my class and they lived in our neighborhood. Thanks again...i'm off to the paint store to pick another color out — for the kitchen this time! lol! have a wonderful week, and again it was great to meet you at Market. xo, kate

  3. forgot to say, CONGRATULATIONS to Lee Ann! Please let me know where to send her lovely Good Fortune charm pack!

  4. Thank-you Shar for an interesting quiz and it was kinda fun finding out the things we didn't know about Kate. Congratulations Lee Ann!!


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