Monday, October 31, 2011

How well do you know Kate Spain?

As you know I went to the International Quilt Market in Houston this past weekend. The entire experience was wonderful (well besides for 1 woman who was a bit rude, but that didn't ruin my time) and exciting. On Saturday afternoon I found myself at the Moda area, I would say booth, but it was more like a block, where the designers had their own areas to chat with attendees. I met many of the great fabric designers, but the first one I met was Kate Spain. It was funny watching people be awestruck by just meeting her, which I have to admit at first I was too, but then I realized that she is a person just like us and calmed down so I could have a conversation with Kate that I would remember.

Kate was very down to earth and truly appreciated the visit. I totally adore the new has great colors and will mix well with any Terrain you have left in your stash. I had missed the mini charm packs of Good Fortune, but I did get a fortune cookie!

A few weeks ago I sent Kate some questions to answer so lets see how well you know her.

1. What store is Kate Spain products available in?
a. Fat Quarter Shop
b. Crate and Barrel
c. Costco
d. All of the above

2. What is your favorite flower?
a. Daisies
b. Roses
c. Honeysuckle
d. Tulips

3. When choosing fabric for the Designer Select Fat Quarter kit, for the Fat Quarter Shop, what was your starting fabric (ie what fabric was it built around)?
a. Forest Floor
b. Fern
c. Seedpod
d. Aster

4. Which is true of Kate?
a. She is a pilot and loves flying planes
b. She repaints the rooms in her house a lot
c. She is a Dallas Cowboys fan
d. She went to elementary school with Sandra Bullock

How do you think you did on this quiz?
How would you like to win a charm pack of Good Fortune?
For a chance to win just answer the questions in a comment below. And this time you do not have to be a follower of this blog!
And while on the subject of blogs, here's a link to Kate's blog The Drawing Board.
This is a short giveaway...come back tomorrow to see the answers and see who won.


  1. I'm going to go with:

    1. a) Fat Quarter Shop (not being from the US, I have no idea what things the other stores stock)
    2. a) Daisies
    3. I think I'm going to have to go with c) Seedpod but I know she said in the Jolly Jabber Designer Select post that she really liked a) Forest Floor as well.
    4. c) Dallas Cowboys fan?

    *grins* I'm probably wrong on all counts, but a girl can live in hope!

  2. 1) Fat Quarter Shop
    2) Honeysuckle
    3) ForestFloor
    4) C the Dallas Cowboys!

  3. 1) fat quarter shop
    2) honeysuckle
    3) aster
    4) she repaints the rooms in her house a lot

    I am happy you had a good time at quilt market.

  4. I'm going to guess A, D, B, B! Thanks for another great chance to win, Sha! :)

  5. 1. Fat Quarter Shop
    2. Honeysuckle
    3. Forrest Floor
    4. Repaints rooms lots

  6. Gonna go with guessing: A, C, D, B. :)

  7. Some I know, some I'm guessing but I'd love to have some Good Fortune either way. I'm going with 1d, 2c, 3a, 4b.

  8. Hmmm interesting questions all of them! Can't wait to find out the real answers so I am guessing here A. D. D. and I think it would be really cool if the last answer is D.!! Thanks!

  9. I'm going to guess: 1a, 2d, 3c, 4b. thanks for the chance!

  10. I probably don't know Kate very well, but I'll guess! #1 d - all of the above #2 a - daisies #3 a - forest floor #4 c - cowboys

  11. My guesses are:
    a, d, c, b
    I read her blog a lot, but I definitely still do not know all the answers!

  12. My guesses are d, d, a, d. Love her designs!

  13. wow, I have no idea if I got these right, but here goes:
    1 - d
    2 - b
    3 - a
    4 - b

    it doesn't look like anyone picked the same things so I'm either way off or right on the money! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I'm sure all of the answers can be found somewhere but I'm going to take a guess since I don't have time to go researching.
    1 - D-All of the above
    2 - honeysuckls
    3 - Seedpod
    4 - this ones's a tough one. I THINK I recall reading she'd gone to school with Sandra Bullock but then too, I think I may remember that she is a pilot as well and that she loves flying because of the serenity. hmmmm I think my answer will probably be the wrong guess BUT, I think I'm going with yes, she's a pilot.

  15. I'm guessing:
    1 - D
    2 - A
    3 - A
    4 - C
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. OH, I just love Kate Spain, too. I hope I get these right.
    Thanks for the chance.

  17. oh, my, guesses: 1a; 2a; 3a 4c
    love her good fortune!

  18. 1. a and b
    2. b
    3. a and c
    4. b

  19. I am probably totally wrong but I guess
    A. D. A. C


  20. 1. d
    2. d
    3. a & c and stonecrop (JollyJabber interview)
    4. b
    Thanks for sharing! I hope I've guessed correctly. Seems there were multiple answers on a couple of them...

  21. My guess are d,c,a,b. what a fun little quiz!

  22. Ok, my guesses are:

    1 d
    2 c
    3 c
    4 b

    I'm usually pretty bad at this kind of quiz (but I love them anyway!)

    Yes, please, I'd LOVE to win a charm pack of Good Fortune! Thanks for the chance :)

  23. d,c,b,b.
    Just wild guesses here!

    I'd love some Good Fortune!

  24. Love Kate Spain fabric, so I have to give this a try, although I'm sure I'll fail the test horribly. :)

    1. Fat Quarter Shop
    2. Tulips
    3. Aster
    4. She paints her house alot.

    I know I got at least one right. LOL Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Here are my guesses.

    1. D
    2. C
    3. A
    4. B

    I hope I win.

  26. My guesses:

    1. All of the above
    2. A
    3. A&C
    4 B

  27. I would guess:
    1. D
    2. A
    3. B
    4. B

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  28. I'm not sure I have a clue, but I'll guess with ...

    1. A (Fat Quarters Shop)
    2. C (Honeysuckle)
    3. D (Aster)
    4. B (Repaints a lot)

    Note I tried to cover all options.

  29. Completely confused about what answers to choose, but here goes:
    1. A
    2. A
    3. A
    4. D

  30. 1. D
    2. D
    3. A
    4. D
    Most difficult and I searched. I love her fabrics but don't know her very well. Looking forward to answers.

  31. Hrm ok here we go...

    1. D- all of the above
    2. D- Tulips
    3. A- Forest Floor
    4. B- She repaints the rooms in her house a lot.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. D.
    ??? Great quiz!!!

  33. OK...let's see.

    1. All the above
    2. Daisy
    3. Forest Floor
    4. She repaints all the time.

    Well we will see.

  34. 1. All of the above
    2. Honeysuckle
    3. Forest Floor
    4. Repaints rooms lots

  35. 1. All of the above
    2. Honeysuckle
    3. Forest Floor
    4. She repaints the rooms in her house a lot


  36. I do read her blog...but these are all still guesses -- 1a, 2d, 3a, and 4b...Cheers!

  37. DAAB
    not sure what costco is but for q1 I know a and b are right so guessing D!

  38. A, D, A, B

    I'd love to win the charm pack!

  39. I'm guessing on some of these, but I think it's ADAB. Now I really, really want her fat quarter bundle! I would really love to have some Good Fortune! :)


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