Friday, October 7, 2011

How did I get my Craizee blog name???

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I just found a new blog that is having a fun link up party and giveaway. Dawn over at As Sweet As Cinnamon wants to know how we all got our blog names. I am sure a few of you have wondered what Craizee means and why I spell it like that?

When my boys were in middle school and high school they wanted to play an online computer game called WOW. Tim and I had always liked playing computer games. When the kids were little we would play some games as a family. We would take turns playing and the other 4 of us would watch and give directions. It was out family game night you could say.

But this game was online and I wanted to make sure it wasn't too adult for my 14 year old. So Tim and I decided to make characters and check the game out. And guess what...we got hooked...big time...hook line and sinker hooked! As a matter of fact that we became so hooked that within a year we went from 1 computer to 4 and from 1 account that we shared to 4 different accounts. It was fun to play with the boys on this game.

In the game you have to pick an avatar name and since my character was kinda like a cow I called her Maizee. Then at dinner one night we were talking about something and one of the kids said 'Mom you should start a character named Craizee'. I had already decided to stick with the 'aizee' for all my characters so this just fit. and if you happen to read my other blog My Craizee Journey you will understand why that name is meaningful to me, lol.

Fast forward 5 years and that's the name I had become knows as in the our small part of the gaming world. Even now if someone says Craizee I will answer, its a part of me now. So when I was trying to pick a blog name I knew that avatar name had to be part of it. I struggled with if and where I wanted to put an 'S' in the name. Craizee's Corner, Craizee Corners or just Craizee Corner. In the end I chose the middle one. I felt it represented a quilting blog better.

So how did you name your blog? I'd love to hear.

Sha :)


  1. Mine is simple. Short story: My husband said I was unfocused. So, that's the name of my blog. :-)

  2. Mine's two-fold ... the url is 'daneesey' which is a take on my childhood nickname and what my grandbabies call me (Neesey) adding the da from "De" in "Denise". LOL! And the blog name itself is "Count it *all* JOY!!!" from my favorite passage of scripture out of James 1. :)

  3. Well, my blog name is pretty simple, Vintage Cecelia. Cecelia is my name and I LOVE vintage dolies, fabrics, lace, quilts & pillowcases! So, that's how it came to be! :)

  4. I had been wondering about the Craizee! Now I know. If you want to know about mine - zzyzx & sue - I did the linky thing at Sweet As Cinnamon too!
    You can pop over to
    to read it. :D

  5. YES THE CORNERS DOES represented a quilting blog better. I LIKE IT. TRISH

  6. Wow! I've never met someone who was into online gaming before. And quilting too. You must stay super busy. But maybe you should design a block and call it Craizie Corners - it does sound like a block name.

  7. ahhh thats a great way to get a name


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