Sunday, October 16, 2011

Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Week

This week I have some wonderful guest bloggers who will share with you their projects in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Well really to increase awareness of all cancers. Along with my guest blogger of the day a different web site will be highlighted to educate us all. 

A few weeks ago I asked some friends to make something for this week with ribbons I cut for them with my Accuquilt. Here's the link if you want this die.

To start the week Brie from Little Creatable has a great way to honor all kinds of cancer with a ribbon project. 

Hey Everyone!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be featured here on the lovely Miss Sha’s blog *squeal*!

As you know its Breast Cancer Month and even if hasn’t affected you directly chances are you know someone who it has affected. Well my 2 {of 5} of my grandmothers have had this strength building cancer. Thankfully they have both lived through it, and I still have them with me today.

So when Miss Sha was asking for volunteers to speak/make something using these super cool AccuQuilt Ribbons I was all hands up in the air.

So when these little ribbons arrived on my door step I knew exactly what to do.

A ring of hope J because really when encountering any kind of Cancer that’s what you need.


Unfortunately I haven’t be able to finish it the way I wanted to I’ve spent most of this month trying to reorganise my life, think about what is important and what I want etc.

Have any of ever had to deal with Breast Cancer in one form or another?

How do you cope?

Brest Cancer runs in my family so there it’s high likely I will get it too. I figure CANCER is not a death sentence. So I try and re-evaluate my life as often as possible, live here and now because after all here is all the now you have ;)

Thank you Sha for letting me take over.

Thanks Brie! I love that ring of hope idea. I can see that being made with different color ribbons to support all different kind of cancers.

The link today is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month page. There you will find info for those who have just been diagnosed, survivors and their families and friends.

Sha :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this idea. Currently my husband has colon cancer and two girl friends have breast cancer. It is very prevalent. I have this die but really had not discovered what to do with it yet so I appreciate the idea!

  2. although many of my family members have succumbed to other types of cancer, i am the only one to have had breast cancer. brie is right! to have hope carries one through the process of survival and carrying on afterwards. self exams and regular mamograms are the basis of hope; to do for onesself enpowers that hope!

  3. Such a beautiful ring of hope! Very unique!!

  4. I was diagnosed with Stage three breast cancer 6 years ago and had a double mastectomy done and after 5 surgeries it was decided I didn't need chemo because no lymph nodes had cancer and they felt since I had both breasts off I would be okay.
    The first year you are so busy and surrounded by so many people helping and supporting you, you just go through it. I found the second year harder when all the fuss stopped then I started to worry. Then I had two beautiful grandsons and I knew God had other plans for me and I just got on with my life and busy with other people and things. I can't say I never think about it but when I do I just thank God for everyday he gives me with my grandchildren. Blessings to all who are going through breast cancer and prayer helps.Sandra

  5. That is so true ladies! You are all an inspiration to me THANK YOU!

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