Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here's Laine

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*hint* I have 9 more blocks to do and then Mr. Random will pick a winner! And I sew fast!

Today's guest blogger is my friend Lesa from Just Plain Laine. When I first dipped my toes in the twitter pond Laine was the first person who befriended me. As a matter of fact there were some nights during Talkin' Tuesdays when we tweeted to each other so much that I got put in twitter jail!

I’m guest blogging.  Squeeeee     Thanks for inviting me to Craizee Corners Sha.
Kate Spain.  That name just shouts beautiful, fluid fabric with prints so wonderful it will make your head spin.  My first Kate Spain project was with 12 Days of Christmas (although I do have a little bit of Verna in my stash).

My son calls her work retro chic….not sure that is an accurate description, but at least Central Park and Fandango are very reminiscent of the retro fabric we find in our auction and estate sale hunts.
My current project is with Kate Spain’s Fandango!  I purchased the yardage to make a quilt but never quite got there.  I just couldn’t cut the fabric into bits.  (yes, I’m in therapy for this little problem I have .  he he)
It’s almost market time though and I wanted something different to take.  I decided to use my Fandango stash and make Name Tag/Credential Holders and a wonderful Abby Bag just for Quilt Market Houston 2011!

Finding the bag pattern was easy.  I have wanted to make an Abby Bag for a very long time.  I’ve had the pattern at least a year and just never found the fabric I wanted to use with it.
Now finding the right name/credential holder pattern was another whole matter.  It was challenging.  Not enough time to design one, and not one I really liked on the internet.  What do do???? What to do????
I am an avid Magazine buyer cause I usually find at least one little gem in every purchase. This past weekend was no different. I picked up a copy of Quilting Arts Gift Holiday 2011-2012 magazine in Barnes and Noble not realizing it had just the pattern I was looking for right on the inside of it.

I have  seven days until I leave for Market.  Can I get them all done before then???  Stick around and see some Kate Spain love get whipped up in a Flurry, uh, hurry!!!!   ROFLOL

Thanks Laine! I like the name in one of those holders! Be sure to visit her blog and leave her a comment saying hi! I'd be great if you told her I sent you too :)

As always thanks to The Fat Quarter Shop for sponsor this series, don't forget the Terrain giveaway will be closing very soon. And who doesn't want/need 4 yards of Terrain?

Come back tomorrow for more Kate Spain inspiration.

Sha :)


  1. Very cute and I see Sha's name!

  2. I love these they are so cute. What a great job.... Perfect pictures too!!!


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