Friday, October 28, 2011

My Terrain Projects

As you know I am in the Designer Select FQ club, it's a Fat Quarter Shop exclusive. I find it very exciting when I get the email that the package has been shipped, so excited in fact that I don't even mind the charge to my card, it is well worth it. And I am over the moon when the package comes!

One of the reasons I am doing this series is that I wanted to make sure I made something with the FQ kit each month and this is keeping me honest :) I find myself loving the fabric line so much that the past 2 months I made more than 1 quilt with that specific fabric line.

I recently got the Scrap Basket Sensation Book and fell in love with the quilt on the cover. It's called Picnic. When I look at this picture I see flowers so that's the direction I decided to go in.

Here's the quilt that I made with the Designer Select FQ kit. Although I could have done the whole quilt with the fabric in the kit, I fell in love with some of the oranges and pinks so I picked up a small amount of yardage for this. I know I kinda broke my 'only use the FQ kit for the project' rule (well besides background fabric), but I couldn't help myself.  What do you think?

And if you guessed this fabric for the backing then you are right! It's called Terrain Mist Stonecrop. I just love how the purple and orange work together and how the green cools it down a bit.

The other quilt I am working on with Terrain is Stepping Stones, which is the Terrain Project Sheet. That pattern can be found here for free. It's in the 3rd row down in the center of the row. Here's my layout for the quilt. When I get home from market I plan on finishing this and quilting and binding at least 2 quilts before I break into my Market goodies, but we'll see how I do with that plan. This quilt is the perfect quilt for a layercake.

So there are my Terrain projects. I also made a few goodies for some friends with some leftovers, but I can't show them or I will spoil the surprise.

What did you make with Terrain or what do you plan to make with Terrain?

See you after Market!


  1. I have made several things from the Scrap Sensations book -- and your Terrain quilt has inspired me to make the one on the cover. Gorgeous! I have some Terrain yardage that I'm still admiring and trying to decide what it will become. May need to get a few more pieces. Enjoy Market -- sounds like a crazy fun time.

  2. I agree with VickiT *drool*. Great quilts. I'm also your newest follower!

  3. Your Terrain projects are just lovely! It is one of my favorite lines, and I am just finishing up a Terrain Swoon quilt. Very nice!!

  4. You have such talent! I love this topper! So cute! Thank you for linking up!

  5. This is really beautiful! I am SO impressed that you quilted this! The lines are perfect! Beautiful job! So happy to have you share this @ Show & Share! Thank you!


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