Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Here's Stitchin By Starlight's Angie

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Today's guest blogger is Angie from Stitchin By Starlight. She just got back from Sewing Summit and still had time to get this wonderful post together for you to enjoy.

Hi everyone! My name is Angie and I blog over at Stitching by Starlight. When Sha asked if people would like to blog about Kate Spain, I jumped at the chance. As you'll soon see, I have a slight addiction to Kate Spain fabric!  And they say the first step in any addiction cure is to admit there is a problem.  Though, I must admit...I'm not sure I want to be cured. 

My "problem" first started with the release of Verna.  Fat Quarter Shop had a Table Runner of the Month Club, and the April runner was a kit using Verna.  Love.

To be quite frank - at the time, I didn't notice that the fabric was by Kate Spain.  I just knew I liked it.  I finished the runner in January 2011...several months after it was sent out...and it was my jumping-off point for getting back into quilting.  I loved the brights with the whites.  I even made a little mug rug out of the scraps. 

Yes - those are 1-inch squares in the middle.  No Kate Spain fabric goes to waste around me.  This little project ended up going overseas as part of a swap I was in.  Germany, if I remember correctly.  :)

Fast forward a couple months or so and the buzz starts getting louder about Central Park.

***sigh***  Central Park. 

Quite possibly my most favorite-ist (is that a word?) fabric line ever.  I tried to resist.  Really, I did.  But then... well...  gave in.   And as they say around here in the south, that was all she wrote.

First project, a reversible mug rug...

Then another...


And yet another...

tote bag in Central Park

And finally, my dream quilt.  The one that was meant for me, which I ended up giving away.  Yeah, I still mope about it from time to time.

central park flipside 1

central park flipside 4

I had purchased the fabric and pattern specifically for me, after drooling over Central Park for weeks, I had held out as long as I could.   Then, in the process of piecing it, I knew it had to go to a special lady...and she loved it.  :)

Happily, though, a couple of days after I gave away "my" quilt, a breathtaking bundle of Terrain arrived, greatly assisting me in the grieving process. 


Now how am I supposed to concentrate with this staring at me?

I also have a Moda Candy Bar of Fandango that I secretly pet on occasion and a Flurry charm pack I'm itching to dig into.

I'd hoped to have something to show you a new Kate Spain project today, but the weekend was a little crazy and the week has started out the same way.  Right now, I'm thinking of a Terrain iPad case, but I'd also like a few zipper pouches to carry around.  I caught the pouch-bug at Sewing Summit, where, as you probably could have guessed, I picked the Central Park lanyard to go with my name tag.  There were about 20 fabrics to choose from and it took an entire millisecond for me to grab the Central Park one.

I now wear it with my work ID, both at work and afterwards, like last night at the TriadMQG meeting.

Triad MQG 10-11-11

So, Kate, if you read this and happen to be looking for a place to dump your scraps...or yardage...please know that your fabric will always be safe and loved with me....  just sayin'.  ;o)

So, as you can see, my name is Angie, and I have a problem....

Thanks Angie for showing us your Kate Spain projects, you do sure great work.

Come back tomorrow to see Just Plain Laine's Fandango love!

Sha :)


  1. aren't we all kate spain fans? and, i♥mugrugs; be sure i will go up and click on your link!
    i have a 'flurry' jelly roll and charm pack i'm savoring for awhile before it start a project with it.

  2. Hi Sharon, Wow, these are all gorgeous! I love the quilt that is going to a "special lady" with the almost log cabin effect on the blocks, it looks really good! Congratulations.
    Now, why I dropped by initially is to ask you about your Accuquilt and your Baby Accuquilt, as I saw on another blog that you have both. I want to buy one, and obviously I can afford the Baby much more easily, but wonder if the bigger one is better - would you have a moment to spare to give me your feelings on both please? My email address is and I live in South Australia. Thankyou SO much!
    Hugs n Blessings from Sue in Oz xx

  3. What wonderful creations you have here. I can't wait to post more of my stuff working on mug rugs for quilt show. and a baby quilt.

  4. Those are great Spain-ish projects! Thanks for sharing them all with us Angie. :D

  5. I've been looking for central park a while now. I got on that train too late. Lol Love the projects you've done, Angie!

  6. Great projects. I love the quilt you gave away. Would you please tell me what pattern you used? I too love all of Kate Spain's collections. I've been hoarding, I mean collecting a few charm packs and jelly rolls here and there, but haven't cut into them yet. Thanks for the great posts.

  7. Angie, All of your projects turned out just beautiful I would find it hard to part with any of them!

  8. Angie, you are the only person brave enough to try out my tote bag tutorial! it looks great as do all your fun projects! thank you for all the fabric love :) xo


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