Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Friday at Quilt Market

I attended Quilt Market in Houston last weekend. It was a whirlwind of activity and was over way to fast!

I did my homework before hand, I went in with a list of booths I wanted to go to and people I wanted to meet. I had made a few appointments to talk to people about my patterns and upcoming series on Craizee Corners. So I thought I was prepared to accomplish what I went there for. I did keep every appointment I had, but the rest of the research went out the window pretty fast.

On Friday was School House. There was well over a dozen time periods to take a class. These were informative sessions about products in the quilt world. Some were done wonderfully and some bombed in my opinion. Among my favorites were:

1. Nifty Notions Ruler system where I met Kaye England who is a hoot. Kaye showed us some great new rulers coming out soon, which I can't wait to get my hands on. And I have some exciting news for y'all coming soon that have to do with this ruler system so stay tuned.
2. Thomas Knauer's Pear Tree show. Here's some pics from that session. The bottom pic is the preview of Flock!

And imagine my surprise when we all got the pattern sheet of 2 patterns for Pear Tree when we walked in. Then when we left there was another surprise...we all got Pear Tree bags! I think that was the swag to have! I had to watch it closely because one of my roomies was threatening to steal it (cough Tiffany).

Here's some pics from other School House sessions

And there were prizes in many of the sessions. I won this adorable Tulip Bag in my very first session.

Then it was time to get on line for Sample Spree. I had a list on my IPad with fabric that I wanted. You never know what they will have but I thought a list would keep me focused...not!
Once I got in the room all plans went out the window and I just let my senses take over. I knew I wanted Pear Tree so I went to the Andover booth first. I got Pear Tree in all 3 colorways and the cutest fabric called Morning Rush.

Then I went to the Robert Kaufman table. I got some Happy Home, which is perfect for a chef like me :) I also picked up 2 cute charm packs (the 2 on the left) and have no idea what they are. If you know please help me, it's driving me craizee not knowing. Plus I got Jacqueline some Lorax fabric that she was dying for :)

Next was Riley Blake. By the time I got to this booth I was pretty overwhelmed and was just picking stuff up. I did know that I wanted Daisy Cottage and I found some adorable Sunny Happy Skies.

Then I decided to brave the Moda table. It was about 20 minutes into Spree so it was still crowded, but by then everywhere was. I had quite a few things on the list, but for some reason only ended up getting 2 FQ kits. I knew Twirl was at the top of the list. I am a big fan of anything Me and My Sister and am working on a new quilt pattern specifically for Twirl. The I spotted A Stitch in Color and grabbed that one too.

4 down and 1 to go. I knew Benartex had some cute things and stopped there on my way out. By now I was in full panic mode from the crowds, but a specific fabric caught my eye and I had to get some. This is the No Bullying fabric from Canvas which is associated with Benartex. This fabric spoke to me, I need to find the perfect project for it. I met the designer, Maria Kalinowski, who was so sweet and has some great fabric lines coming up. The other fabric I grabbed from Benartex is Bold and Beautiful.

There's my Spree loot. Once I got back to the room I realized that I hardly got anything that was on my list, but I still got some great fabric. I'm not even sure if they all are new lines, but I like them anyway.

Come back tomorrow to see how Saturday was.


  1. Oh such fun. I just love them all. Bold and Beautiful is one I hadn't seen before. It looks awesome.

  2. You got some really great fabric! I'm curious - I don't know much about Quilt Market - are the fabric bundles at Sample Spree sold for full price, or do you get some kind of discount for buying them at Quilt Market? I'm sorry if that's a silly question. I've just noticed that so many people come home with gobs and gobs of great stuff, and I wonder if it ever becomes expensive. :) I know it would for me!

  3. Wow!! You have had a lovely time by the sound of it! Thanks for sharing, I can imagine the rush of thoughts and the pressure to pick the right fabric..not easy, even from a comfortable chair at home! I think you did very nicely though. Love your Tulip bag!

  4. That's a great haul!

  5. Oh that swirly round one is just so mezmorizing!!!


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