Friday, February 24, 2012

Twist Along - hints

Hi Twisters! I hope you all have your borders on your 36 patch now, but if not there's still time to catch up. I wanted to share a few hints for when we start cutting the twisted squares out.

1. I strongly suggest starching or using best press before cutting the twisted squares out. This will give it some body and have less stretch when cutting on the bias.
2. Don't start cutting the twisted squares out until you have a block of time to get it done. It took about 45 minutes to cut all 49 of my twisted squares out.

Jane from Quilt Jane has some great hints for whenever you cut on the bias:

Stretching or distortion can occur as the fabric gives. Some pieces and blocks will have bias edges and will be prone to stretch. Give the fabric a tug lengthwise, across the grain and on the diagonal (bias) and see the different ways the fabric responds.

1. When you can follow the grain line on the pattern piece. This is not always possible on scraps so give the fabric a tug and work out where you can place pattern piece to minimise bias.

2. Minimise distortion by pressing with dry iron and not attacking block.
3. Use starch to stabilise the block
4. Sew a stay stitch (longer straight stitch which can be unpicked later) around the edge of the block. I made a quilt with large setting triangles so I stay stitched around triangle to keep it in shape.
5. Handle with care. Don’t keep pressing and handing pieces and blocks unnecessarily. The more you handle the fabric, the more likely stretching will occur.

So your twister homework for today is to starch the 36 patch with borders. Then on Sunday you will be all ready to start cutting and sewing the quilt top back together. Here's a sneak peek at the doll quilt top I made. Its made with only a 16 patch (4 rows x 4 columns) and the border. Its the perfect size for a doll quilt.

Don't forget to start posting your pics on the flickr page.


  1. Great hints as I love doing the twister a lot.

  2. Thanks for hints--Starched my blocks today...looking forward to next step....Julierose


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