Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rachaels Lollipops

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Today I'd like to welcome Rachael Arnold back to Craizee Corners! Today she shares her Lollipop quilt made with what else...Sandy's Lollipop fabric line.  

Thanks to Sha for having me back to talk about more gorgeous fabric! I’m Rachael, and I talk about all the stuff I make over at These days, when I’m not working my 9–5 Web Development gig, I can usually be found sewing, helping remodel our house, sewing, or doing something sewing-related. Okay, and maybe reading (not necessarily about sewing!).

Last spring, I was walking through a LQS thinking that once again, the trip was going to be a bust. There was nothing that fit the idea I had for a quilt I needed to start. But during one last pass, I saw this forlorn looking roll of fabric on a table. It wouldn’t work for what I was shopping for, but the colors and design just kept calling to me. They were fun without being over the top, kid-appropriate without screaming “kids fabric”.

The fabric? Sandy Gervais’ Lollipop line cut into a sort of home-made semi-Jelly Roll that was probably made of scraps (~40 22” strips that ranged from 2.5–3” wide). I didn’t know what I would do with it, but I just couldn’t leave it there.

It sat around for a while, until I was so tired of other projects and deadlines and really just wanted something simple and fun to work on. I dug through my box of stash and found the Lollipop roll. Again, the colors and patterns called “fun, fun, fun, no stress.” Perfect for my state of mind. So, I started sewing the strips together end to end with no goal in mind. Then I sewed the huge strip together side to side, again and again. Then I cut it up a bit, sewed it back together, and ended up with a great baby quilt that was simple to make, simply designed, and so much fun with that fabric (by the way, G├╝tterman’s Cream-Yellow-Orange variegated thread matches the creams, yellows and oranges in this line perfectly).

The only sad part? I used the whole roll with no leftovers! I love the simplicity of most of these prints. The textures are great, and a lot of the simpler patterns would make wonderful bindings or fill in great with other fabrics in a quilt for someone of any age. My fingers are crossed that I’ll come across more in the future.

While Lollipop is her only collection that has passed through my sewing room thus far, Sandy Gervais’ designs are packed with a sort of fun, almost-nostalgic whimsy that brightens my mood whenever I see them. I can’t wait to see what more she has in store.

As for the Lollipop quilt, it found a new home with my local chapter of Project Linus this past holiday season—I hope it made its way to a little someone and brightened their mood as it did mine.

Thanks Rachael, the quilt is adorable and I am sure making someone very happy right now. I never got any of this line, I think it came out before my quilting life began, but I sure would love to find some now.

I have some other fun news today...

Today I am guest blogging at Sew Sweetness. Sara is doing a week of tutorials from her followers and today is my turn.

My tutorial is for another valentine mug rug, yes I know I was obsessed with V-Day this year.

I hope you go visit Sara and tell her Sha sent you!
Come back tomorrow to see what Audrey from Mauby's has to share.


  1. I love the valentines Mug Rug.

    Make sure you stop by and put your guess in my quilt givaway by guessing my babys B-day or Birth Weight.

  2. I love Rachel's quilt. Is there a pattern somewhere!

    1. Hi Kristen,

      There’s no pattern for this quilt. It is similar to a Jelly-Roll Race quilt (search for it in your favorite search engine [and I think Sha has made one too]), but the strips are sewn with straight seams, not mitered, and then I cut up the resulting rectangle into four different pieces to give a blockier look.


  3. Check out Batiks Etcetera & Sew What Fabrics ( If you click on their sale section you will find layer cakes, charm packs, and jelly rolls of the Lollipop line of fabric. Prices good through Feb 15.


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