Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whats in your sewing kit?

I have been attending quite a few classes and events at my 2 favorite local quilt stores in Fort Worth The Berry Patch and Cabbage Rose. At the free motion class I took I registered over the phone and didn't get a supply list. Boy was I embarrassed when I had nothing I was suppose to have, no pins, no tape, not even the right colored thread or fabric. I don't know what I was thinking, but I was in the 'just got back into town' mode so I have forgiven myself. Plus the gals in the class were more than happy to share with me :). Then I went to an all day Saturday event and found that many newer sewers/quilters don't have the right things in their sewing kit.

While I love to share I thought I would make a list of what should go in a sewing kit for classes. Of course I need your help with this. Please add anything you find necessary or help full in the comments and I will add them to the sewing kit must haves.
** Note** I am hearing from people that this list is too long, I think its the OCD on me that makes me take this stuff, however I never take more than a tote bag and most of the stuff fits in a small box with layers. I usually have these items stored in that box and just close it to go, but then again I take lots of classes :)
Machine Needles (I make sure I have 75's with me all the time)
Thread (I bring 2 neutrals with me)
Bobbins ready to use
Bobbins - empty
Small scissors
Large scissors
Paper cutting scissors
Rotary cutters (a small and a large one)
Cutting mat (unless you know your shop has one available for the class, but I like having my own at the table I am working on)
Long ruler (6.5" x 24")
Square up ruler (I bring a 6.5" and a 16.5")
Other speciality rulers : half square triangle, 60 degree, quarter square triangle
Tape measure
Pins on a pin cushion
Blue or masking tape
1/4" tape
Safety pins
Sewing needles
Needle threader
Machine (cleaned and oiled) with cleaning items
Seam ripper
All your machine feet
Notebook and pens
Marking pencils
Then check with the shop to see what specific things you need for class. You might need batting, fusible fleece, zippers, the pattern you will be using to name a few. 
Don't forget the fabric you plan on using. As long as the store where the class is being held has the fabric I am looking for I will buy it there. 

I know I am forgetting things so please let me know and I'll add them. And don't forget to follow me and enter the 100 follower giveaway!


  1. Wow! That's one heck of a list! Admittedly, I rarely take formal classes (in fact, I've only taken one, ever). I don't have half of that list. My Aunt did get me started quilting so when I went over, she had me bring a rotary cutter, thread and bobbins, pins, a ruler, fabric, and my machine. I put a new needle in beforehand and headed over. I guess I don't really do a lot of collecting every single quilting tool that is said to be needed. (I do the same for knitting too.) I find workarounds and make-do without because at the end of the day, I'm cheap. :)

  2. Graph paper and pencil and eraser. Just something I rely on all the time. I don't know about the list being too long, what if you needed it and didn't have it.....says the woman who packs for a month for a week at the lake

  3. Holy cow! I've only taken a couple of classes. I'm new to all this sewing/quilting hobby of mine, and I wish they had a Goodwill for Quilters, because I'm so broke I can't afford to buy more fabric. And I don't have a stash worth a hill of beans. I keep entering giveaways, and thankfully I'm winning some stuff. But so far, I still don't have enough to feel comfortable starting a quilt yet. If I had to depend on your list, I guess I'd never take another class. Whew! Now, where is that Goodwill for Quilters??


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