Thursday, December 22, 2011

Where you can find me today!

No I am not hiding out from you, but I am guest blogging today! I am taking part in FatQuarterly's 12 Days of Ruby Star! It is day 11 of the 12 days.

There's 2 IPad cases being shown today. The one I made has a zipper. I have heard from so many followers that they are afraid of making anything with a zipper, but if you follow my directions you will be making them in no time.

I do have to tell you that while I made the IPad case with the Ruby Star fabric, the pictures I took came out blurry for some reason so many of the pics were taken of another IPad case that I made.

What do you think? I just love the fabric Melody sent! Its so soft and the colors and designs are right up my alley.

Here's another version of the IPad case made with some Maxine fabric.

So if Santa is bringing you an IPad this year you can make an IPad case very easily right away :). Speaking of making IPad cases, I still have 1 more to make before Saturday :), it's a good thing they are so easy to make!

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