Sunday, April 10, 2011

Half Square Triangle Sampler Quilt

Now that I have the hang of making half square triangles I decided to make lots of different blocks using them. I am not sure but I think I have now entered the realm of intermediate level quilter! So as I continue on my quilting journey and am knee deep in half square triangles. I set some parameters for this sampler quilt.
1. I am only going to use 2 different fabrics.
2. I am only going to make 9 patch blocks.
3. The finished block size will be 9 1/2"

Armed with the 'rules' I began my research. It wasn't hard to find lots of blocks that fit my requirements and I made quite a few of them, but then something happened. I started seeing lots of patterns and shapes on my own. While I know none of what I have come up with is a first it still was lots of fun playing around with the patterns.

Here’s the first 8 squares:

I am planning on using this quilt for the Naked Bed Challenge being run by Sarah of The Last Piece and Cara of Cara Quilts. You can get info from their sites and the flickr group at Flickr Neked Bed Challenge. My biggest challenge for this quilt is to decide what color sashing or cornerstone to use. I'm sure I will find a solid to match really nice.

I also just finished a quilt top using batiks. If I don't finish this sampler quilt in time this will be my Naked Bed Challenge Quilt. It was super easy and fast to put together. I used the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinsons.


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